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  • What if Nexon sold gold and ducats?

    Why we need gold again? The fun of playing this game is causing new players to leave because everyone wants to be rich. I look in Auction House and the price list for simple items is just crazy. I have decided since I am a long-time player I don't need much to have fun in the game, I will just do events and have fun with that and pay for my monthly service. What we use to do back in 2010 was a group of us run shop gather materials for those that want to rank their skills and that system work very well and we got rich doing that but later in the game, I found that I was rich but my skills suffer because I did not have time to train them. Today, I have my skills up for the most part but I am good, players are asking me how they can get 100 mils just to be in certain guild or buy items. I have no answer for them because I try to work with new players who want to play the game and have fun.

    Hopefully, 2020 will be a year for the guildhall update.
  • No more timed event items.

    We are active players and don't need items that end up on the floor due to time running out. Sometimes players are working on other skills and unable to use items at that moment, that defeat the purpose of giving the items in the first place. Please remove time on untraded items because no one can use it except the holder of the item or items.
  • Please merge Alexina and Nao

    I don't think a merge is an issue here, once a merge happens what will the next cry be for unhappy players that sit around and complain daily. Have Nexon build you a PORTAL so you can travel to see your friends.
  • Older players are being unappreciated

    Remember Giant vs Elves the war trying to get into the elf town or giant town. They should bring it back, it was the best ever, life is too dull now.