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  • Blacklist improvements

    I would also add that the Blacklist should not share space with the friends list. There's no reason why I should be faced with the dilemma of deleting one of my friends just to blacklist someone.
  • tradeable nx

    I clicked this thinking it was suggesting a way to streamline NX-gold trades between players. Which would be hard to convince, but ultimately good for the game and community. But since it's suggesting an NPC, I gotta file this under "not gonna happen". NX is Nexon's source of revenue. They're not going to give it away for grind. Occasionally giving access to NX-only items (via events) is already costing them revenue. While I could see buying gold with NX (Although that'd be mostly useless, since most of the pay2win stuff is already bought with NX, and gold is too easy to get), I absolutely can't imagine it going in the other direction.
  • Emain Raids event

    Okay, so recently two new raids were added in Emain, bringing the number up to 3. 6, if you consider the various difficulties of Girgashiy. 6 missions that are perfectly simple for anyone over level 500 with some basic gaming skills to do, for semi-decent rewards. That is, IF they can find a party. Which, currently, is a huge problem.

    These raids currently suffer from a self-feeding problem. People who try to run can't build a party. After a while, they give up, and don't bother trying again. As a result, others aren't able to build a party either.
    This is made worse by a large number of players who never even tried it, and aren't aware whether it's difficult or simple. They see the title "raid", and the fact that there are so few people running it, and mistakenly believe there's no point.

    The solution is simple: Make an event that rewards raids. While we just recently had a double crusader exp event, that sort of reward only makes sense for people already running. The rewards should be such that someone who never tried the raid would be sufficiently tempted to give it a try, thereby increasing the raider population.

    I suggest a fairly simple event. Every day at 12am PST, each player would receive 6 quests:
    Defeat Girgashiy(Easy). Reward: 1 event box
    Defeat Girgashiy(Normal). Reward: 2 event box
    Defeat Girgashiy(Hard). Reward: 4 event boxes
    Defeat Girgashiy(Very Hard). Reward: 8 event boxes
    Defeat Hasidim(Hard). Reward: 6 event boxes
    Defeat Zebach(Hard). Reward: 8 event boxes

    (If this is too much rewards, the boxes can be replaced with coupons that are stacked to form boxes)

    Each event box will give a random reward from the usual pool of desirable event rewards, including:
    Nao soul stones
    Reforge kits
    Training exp potions
    Training seals
    AP potions (up to 100)
    Beam swords
    Secondary titles
    Event-exclusive fashion items

    The promise of rewards that are useful to anyone will encourage people to at least try. Experienced runners would be able (and many would be quite likely) to teach newcomers the few things they need to know. And having more people running would make it easier to get parties filled throughout the day.
    From a horribly underused feature, raids would hopefully become as common as running elite shadow missions (Another previously underappreciated feature).