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  • Can you leave Storybook Tir Chonaill?

    No you're stuck there, start a new character.
  • Organize Transformation List Alphabetically + Dian

    So first off, the transformation list is pretty damn rubbish in trying to find specific transformations (in regards to npc transformations). Some are alphabetical relative to each other, but not really. It should be as simple as "I'm looking for Nuadha, so I'll go through the list to the Ns and find Nuadha" or "I'll find Cichol here". It's not like the organization is based on content, heck romeo and juliet aren't even by each other in the list. It just feels like "put some c name together here" and so forth, it just needs to be one outright alphabetical list.

    My second suggestion for transformation is in regards to Dian, a character who was pretty big in Saga 2 and was one of the only new additions for that part. She has a very great look, she was a big character, and she would make a good idle animation even though she doesn't move around. But we have gods like normal morrighan, cichol, etc who don't have moving animations so their transformations are just stuck in place. Dian is more or less a demigod if not actual god, she should have a transformation (and I'd want it)

    IGN: Higa
    Server: Mari
  • Remove the Inability to Take Partner Items

    This is a ridiculous thing, we already paid you money for the characters, there is literally no reason but greed to have this restriction. And no, I'm not going to toss over money every time I want to repair my partners equipment.

    Yes there are some idiot whales and you're just loving their stupidity, but all it does for me is make me not want to support your game and give you a big flip off.

    Partners costing is whatever, same with gacha I guess for the most part, it's a free game, but this is just idiotic to make people pay just to repair their .
    You can buy full games off steam for the price of a single Partner Trade Unlock Potion.

    This is worse than EA and Activision levels of anti-consumer.
  • Subaru 2nd week minigame "Defeating Ulgrams"

    It's honestly trash, like no joke, I'd rather break my arm for that hairstyle than do this trash.

    Spawns you with 5 enemies around you when an enemy is literally half a second from hitting you, meanwhile your only realistic means of combat is ice spear. This is the worst thing I've ever done and I hate this anime without ever seeing it because of it. Like I want to watch all these characters die honestly, this is how stupid this rp is, last week was fine, but this is literal garbage.