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  • Queen's Headpiece?

    Creek wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    I think I am the only one on my server that got the frozen heart staff appearance scroll. Used it on my staff. It's kind of cool.

    I got one myself on Alexina, I absolutely love it! Sad that the actual staff is just pure fashion ;c

    I haven't seen the staff :O What's it look like, if either of you would mind posting an image?

    Might be hard to see cause it matches my colours ut its really pretty xD
  • Show off your Gacha Wings&Outfits

  • Two tone cupids-- Untradable and hard to pull!

    I actually have managed to pull them, and personally as a person who doesn't 100% like the style of cupid wings, I'd love to sell them to someone else so that they don't rot in the dressing room. It seems really silly to have a fashion item like that locked to a player, especially from a gachapon.
  • I sure have a pretty bad luck.

    ShouK wrote: »
    18m is still pretty expensive though even without this event because during the previous gacha or eweca orb renewal? idk but many players were selling carasek bag and the price dropped to 15m and below

    They dropped down to 13M back when the Eweca renewal came about, but since people stopped spamming the gacha as frequently as they did, the price has gone back up. 18M is still a tad high though.

    And I know someone on Alexina who bought a fierce acc for 200M the day before Halloween gacha. They legit quit after that.
  • Give every race customization equality!

    Dealer wrote: »
    Elfy wrote: »
    Korore wrote: »
    Petitions are not allowed on the forums. You'll have to format this as an actual suggestion.

    One suggestion per thread, if you have more than one suggestion, you may make a different thread about it (search beforehand, as I know elf-giant marriages have already been suggested.)

    I understand, thank you for letting me know.
    I'll edit my post right away, I don't want to go against regulations- but I don't see anything about not allowing petitions in the thread?
    I noticed when you edited my post, you didn't take away the last two parts (in which I did so already), but removed the link immediately.

    Could you direct me to that post or any of the ToS that states that? As far as I read, it doesn't state it's against rules. Links are allowed, and it's not offensive in any way.. I read over the forum regulations with the link you provided, and no sources such as that is cited.
    Petitions are not allowed in mabinogi forums, since they were spammed/abused in the past.
    For rules about links, please refer to the COC pinned in the general section.

    Might want to get someone to update that post, since it no longer states anything about petitions! (I think that portion got wiped on the forum transfer? Or somehow have it in the suggestions COC.) It only says things about malicious or other related things. A petition link isn't exactly malicious.

    And I do support this topic, as I supported the previous one ^^