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  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    @Bronzebreak ~

    I didn't "dig" anything. ~ I quit two days ago, permanently, and the trolls seem to think their labels mean something to me still; as they added on a third one today without a formal explanation (the previous one didn't even come with a charge, just a penalty and blanket of lies). At this point they are making things up as they go along.

    // I don't care if they ban me at this point.

    // It's what they obviously want to do.

    // The labels were their idea.

    // They started this game of "lets attack the community".

    // This was their rotten idea.

    // My only mistake was defending them at the start, because it never occurred to me how truly chaotic and childish they are.

    // I actually thought they knew what they were doing. // I am no one's child. // I'm certainly not their child.

    // The only "threat" I made to anyone was to report at corporate, // so I'll chalk that one up to 'retaliation'

    // They are truly special upstairs if they think these labels will make me "pretend they're justified in raining havoc like this".

    // ~ It was nice knowing you.

    //// and if anyone is being "personally attacked" here; it's Forum Users being attacked by "GMs, a CM, and VFMs with Personal Prejudice and Bias". ~ This doesn't become acceptable practice because a "threat was created out of thin air".

    @Audience ~ This wasn't caused by "Hardmuscle Trolling The Forum" or any of the other stories devised over the past 3 days. ~
    This was caused by "Defending The Wrong People At The Wrong Time", and now the wrong people are blaming me for all of it. ~

    Let's totally forget about how it all began and focus on Hardmuscle. ~ No Greta. ~ No Gaea ~ Just Hardmuscle.

    You people dragged me into this madness and then you made me the star of your show.

    17 threads in the two years this dump has been up; 90% tech support posts. ~ Oh yeah~ ` Some troll I ever was~!

    I have no reason to be anything to anyone but gone. ~ ~ Pfft!

    are you serious LOL

    Most people are aware it started with gms being overly moderated. Just that no one feels sorry for you because you’re a D-bag. You’ve trolled and insulted numerous threads about lag, merge, and gacha. If you ask me it’s poetic justice.

    Yeah it’s not about you entirely, but it is sweet to see you finally getting what’s coming to you. Karma can be a female dog, huh?

  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    In the spirit of Hardmuscle to @Hardmuscle