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  • Winter Master Plan Events 2019

    Duskwind wrote: »
    Is this event supposed to give 10% enchant success increase, or is it actually just 3%?

    Pretty sure it's multiplicative. For example 30% base will be 30*1.1 = 33% rate with the bonus.
  • Should We Allow Men To Play As Female Characters?

    That would never be added to the ToS cause that's just opening a whole other can of worms labeled gender identity. It would simply be too much work to implement and enforce, I think Nexon has plenty of better things to do other than verify that your digital genitals match your irl ones.
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  • Did they just take away a feature and call it VIP?

    Pretty sure Nexon prefers not having to wipe a character if they don't have to.
    Seems to me that Bethesda was too lazy to roll back character data, as proper protocol should have been.

    Reminds me of how another game called SoulWorker managed by gameforge released a patch with an exploit ruining the market and instead of rolling back they banned half the already tiny game population, leaving the exploit's permanent damage done to the market untouched. It's such a shame, if they weren't absolute screw ups with the game I would have kept playing.

    For as much crap players give Nexon, they haven't stooped to lows I've seen from other publishers. If you think their service is bottom barrel then you're not going to have a good time with a publisher like gameforge.
  • Adorable Box

    Harukari wrote: »
    Really...? No, really?? You can't wear old glasses/masks with the face accessory slot, only the ones you put in this gacha?
    Wow, just... wow.

    I'm not even surprised.

    It really does feel like most of the updates are just gacha exclusive doesn't it? It wouldn't surprise me if we needed some gacha exclusive ticket to start the newest generation. Bonus points if the gacha is limited and the pass doesn't come back for a year.
  • Official Past Event Suggestions Thread

    Treasure event is always welcome, I can understand why it's not done often since farming for complete reforges is too good. I just wish there were more consistent ways to get reforges such as having fragments drop from elites/dungeons.