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  • Ice Spear rework

    So using Ice Spear in any current dungeon is just the most tiresome endeavor ever. Either everything is immune to being frozen or it does such little damage you'd be better off casting ice bolt as the team won't whine about the drop in DPS.

    So I was thinking what if it's actually a spear of ice that can pierce and maybe form a barrier at full charge? Would just be upping the damage adding knock back and an ice barrier (which might be annoying, might be life saving). It wouldn't be overpowered and might actually have a use in large aggro rooms that doesn't upset everyone.

    What are your thoughts?
  • VIP/Premium Update

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    You can use Nao's Resurrection without the use of Nao's stones 3 times a day.
    That's nostalgic

    Next thing you know, they're gonna let people use B+ Bombs for free 3 times a day as well.

    Or 8 person dungeons
  • Peria Chronicles - Suspended indefinitely

    Now to wait for a Western release date... only took Mabinogi 5 years to come to the West so I'll check back in around 2024
  • Where should the new town hangout be for the merge

    Housing Channel.
  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    Honestly there should just be a law regarding preying on addictive things without being licensed for it. So the creation of the license as well.

    Just make it into categories such as
    1. Rank 0: in game no ads or systems in place to coerce you into buying it no license required
    2. Rank 1: Services that offer a benefit in order to get an advantage. No license required but must be labeled with Paid Service on the box or advertising in a large enough spot to be seen and easily recognized at a glance
    3. Rank 2: Gacha/lottery. Labeled with addiction warning. If results of Gacha affect the base premise of the material or lead to someone getting ahead it must be licensed as such and be labeled as a Lottery
    4. Rank 3: Predation. Games utilizing a system which encourages buying and has systems and mechanics in place to further "encourage" buying in hopes of rewards in a lottery based system all of Rank 2 applies. Must be reviewed by "Some Board" also licensed. Requires Parental consent .
    5. Finally Rank 4: Subversive advertising attempting to sub consciously influence the player like a communist. Manipulation of this level may be separate but also a part of Rank 3 and upon review can be denied and if it is not specified for review can face criminal charges and a fine equal to double the amount brought in through sales of these items.

    I think this would be a good system