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October 15, 1995
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  • Fashionogi Summer 2020

    Cute Summer Date at Festia <3



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  • Please stop having two gachas at the same time...

    Back to the topic at hand though, releasing multiple gachas at the same time doesn’t bother me as much. I would prefer if maybe there is 2-3 weeks between new releases. Otherwise I don’t have much of a problem because I appreciate the fact that Nexon is taking into account that we in N.A., see content released in other countries and servers, now we are getting content not years behind the KR, JP, and Taiwan servers. For that I am happy to get the new content in a timely manner.
  • Please stop having two gachas at the same time...

    IAAW wrote: »
    It works for Runescape.

    I can imagine it now! Avalon and the related storylines and content are all VIP-only. Erg and Eidos are VIP only, but can be sold to and used by free, non-paying players. Festia is revamped, merged with Doki Doki Island, and made VIP-only. It's glorious :love:


    I don't really care about that stuff from old mabi you talked about and implied I would like. I want exactly what I suggested in my post: Storyline from G19 through G21 made VIP-only. Avalon, Erg NPC, Eidos made VIP-only. Festia+Doki made VIP-only. Squires stay free to play, because I like them. I'd also throw in just a few VIP-only skills, like Wine Making, Mushroom Gathering, chain talent, Artifact Restoration, just little things.

    What do you think about the above suggestions?

    It would be extremely unreasonable for Nexon to take away content and place it behind a pay wall at this point in the game. It would be a market nightmare! Storyline content is what sells a game, it brings in new players and entertains old players, a paywall for that would be completely ludicrous! Its like allowing free liberties just to take it away when its not profitable. Crazy...
    I am not sure where your opinions are based but from here it seems like you are someone who has no problem throwing money for casual games. You seem like you would be much more comfortable in a subscription based MMO. But for me and my mabinogi experience from the very first year to now, I have accomplished tons more in terms of game progression in the last 2 years than in my first 8 years.
    For your question though, artifact restoration as a VIP skill is not unreasonable as normal players would have a means to restore artifacts with Vioght. But that would have to be implemented upon the release of that skill and not some off hand decision after the fact. If a talent was restricted behind a pay wall that would ruin the mabinogi/SAO experience. The point of Mabinogi was that it was not talent/job/class restricted. The freedom to do anything and be anything is what Mabinogi was based on. That is something I would never take away, and to think that it should be done is completely missing the point of this beloved game!