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  • End Mage Oppression

    it never made much sense to me to make magic defense and entirely different thing on its own to be magical defense that scales on intelligence, being more intelligent shouldnt equate to making you more resistant to magic, maybe elemental defense would make more sense because thats how magic works in general, (which we kinda already have) beyond that, mdef/mprot just bothers me the way it functions, one minute im taking 30s-80s or so with physical attacks and the next i take like 500 damage with a water blast which makes little sense to me.
  • Tryna get magic shield

    and then quest says "Talk with Kusina along with someone you love" and i have found someone but apparently it doesnt count because its too gay or something.
  • Alexina is basically dead

    Julie wrote: »

    literally nobody is talking about forcing anyone do anything social, and as far as i know, you're breaking the rules.

    Well, that's a straight up lie, if I've ever seen one. Drop off your own server to force a merge to happen, on basis of anyone not agreeing being "antisocial?" Totally not iron fisted bullying tactics.

    But, please do explain my alleged ToS violation. Go right on ahead. I'll wait. :joy:

    are you referring that to me? because it appears youre accusing me of saying things i never said. im also not your babysitter you can look at the rules yourself.
  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    Vima wrote: »
    I would like to say after struggling to play this game for years on end, this game has done nothing but negatively effect my mental health.
    From how the community treats each other, to the gachapon and it's rates. I have always felt ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE playing this game.
    I'm asking for help on either A.How to enjoy this game again; or B. What to do instead

    I also would like to know how Mabinogi makes you feel about yourself.

    idunno, game was funner before the shakespeare crap was released, the community generally treated eachother better too because most of the content wasnt doable solo unless you were pretty endgame (if that even existed back then because it felt like there was no end to it) gachas wasn't so heavily focused and the content didnt feel as messy as it does today, most of the toxicity i remember here was just mostly in the forums anyways. I havent played the game for years though so i dont know hows it really like now but im not encouraged to come back anytime soon. These days i just find myself rotating through multiple games, both single player and multiplayer focus and im quite content with that.
  • how many julies?

    How many Julies does it take to change a lightbulb?

    about 3, 1 of them will be stacked on the other 2.