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  • a possible crossover?

    saw this when I log-in after maintenance was excited for summer masterplan event and then got excited for this
    I did see this trailer for konosuba game before just didn't know it was a nexon game
    it seems like the combat in this game is a turn base party system kind of thing (it definitely has a name for it I simply dont have any idea what it is) which I'm not really a fan of but it seems to have a storyline which seems interesting (I wont mind mind minor changes I'm open minded enough to accept changes that some adaptations had to make due to their limitations or if those changes are good for the story itself)and the art style for the charaacters seems to lean more towards the light novels art style. (in other words I just want more of it and this is probably not the place to say that)

    anyway we have experienced anime crossovers in the past and we also experienced crossover with other nexon games and if others dont know it yet kemono friends was actually a mobile game by nexon that had an anime adaptation and was more popular as an anime which we had a crossover with last year. So an anime that had a game adaptation by nexon has a very high chance of getting a crossover for promotion purposes. I want konosuba crossover
    imagine having a title that would make ur meteor strikes look like megumin's explosion, a steal gesture, Nature's Beauty gesture, etc.
  • Event fishing bait

    funny story cause I did something stupid few days ago
    I traded a rare fish for coins to trade for bait I traded/release "Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Catfish " instead of "Trendy Whisker Catfish" and then few minutes later I realized I could get 50 more normal baits for free ,yes those special baits are useful if ur in a hurry but if u got the time free baits are the way. You can easily select "Receiving Homework Materials" and then "Bait tin" to get 50 more baits, I think it only works if ur out of baits and haven't turned in homework for the day, not sure how many times u can do it tho so far I managed to get baits 2-3 times.
  • Fireball !!!

    this guy is awesome
  • Elf and Giant marriage hint?

    I think the best way for nexon and the devs to approach this without ruining the games lore and maybe even add a new twist to it is to give us a storyline quest that can be unlocked after completing a certain generation or chapter and by completing this new storyline removes the restricted interracial interactions. I think its a better approach than simply removing the whole thing it may also offer some kind of motivation for some to complete generations and could be a good improvement to the lore.

    The new storyline could be about elves and giants arriving into an agreement and ending the war where the milletian would either spearhead or assist this development. Maybe giant and elf expeditionary forces will be involved, maybe introduce new npc's from them and since the main reason this post exist is marriage between elves and giant maybe they could involve romance into the storyline. Maybe the generation where the Heart of Courcle was found which lead to giants and elves agreeing to work together in order to protect Erinn would be a good place to add this new storyline. I haven't done g23, g24, g25 yet and I'm not gonna read spoilers in wiki about it so if the conflict between elves and giant plays an important role on those generations then maybe the storyline could be added on a much later generation or maybe have a complete chapter directly involved in it. This new giant and elf storyline may end up revealing the past and reasons how the conflict started maybe we will find out the true reason why Castanea erases the memories of her people or why black haired elves are considered harbinger of disasters and maybe encounter and fight against the cult that hunts them. And since the war between them in Iria is greatly influenced by the existence of dragons it could also be a good start into revamping dragon raids. (I miss dragon raids) new skills may allow elves to grant certain number of giant and human players in the party temporarily be hidden given that they are close to an elf using hide, at the same time this will allow giants to either grant human and elf players in the party some kind of heavy stander stat boost or something even more fun allow giants to throw elf and human players instantly moving them into a certain area making giants into a moving catapult (yes this one will be very fun), as for humans maybe we could grant giant and elf players in a party temporary abilities of dark knight or paladin maybe something like protective light or darkness boost something like that. this new skills will be called party support skills or something. (I don't we humans have much to offer to elves and giants)

    anyways this comment is probably much more suited in suggestions but I'll have u guys decide that
  • Elf and Giant marriage hint?

    I also want to comment about the fact that "Friend Summon Capsule" is somewhat racist because it prevents me from summoning another race just because I'm currently supporting the other race, "Friend Summon Capsule" are very useful for me until I found out about this racist twist to it. Sure it does match the lore but its weird to have an item that somewhat promotes racial discrimination when taken out of context. Even its description makes it imply that players of different race or support deferent race are not considered friends. Maybe it shouldn't be called "Friend Summon Capsule" and be called "Racial Support Summon Capsule". Typing this made me feel like I'm one of those twitter people that takes things out of context and starts making weird accusations and stuff.(I don't like those people or become one of them, some do make sense but most of them are just clout chasers)