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  • a possible crossover?

    Helsa wrote: »
    ...I really wish I could date a girl like Darkness. I have a thing for that type of woman.

    <sarcasm>A girl of northern/western European pedigree with blonde hair and blue eyes? How unusual for a man.</sarcasm>

  • That's.. so stupid (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    uhhhh I dont think whata u did is considered stupid (compared to the things I did)

    I DID MORE STUPID THINGS : (cause looking at myself at a third person perspective makes me laugh to all of my stupidity)

    I only found out recently that master plan events is usually when most people rank their skills, I thought the 2x ap part of the event is the perfect time to drink meditation pots/lazy pot and I could just rest and go afk earning ap without doing anything cause that sounds like a master plan. I think it was during the event where we get training seals for certain talents if those talents reach a certain rank, I actually think of it to be in reversed way where we exchange the item we receive daily to receive training seals that would be used to rank up talents to those ranks. I only found out how it actually works half way into the event after a friend explained it to me. Even if I read the event page many times I'm just stupid enough to not understand it at all or maybe my mind is just programmed in a way to avoid grinding.

    getting confused with event details

    getting confused with time and date especially with events

    getting confused with almost anything

    feeding a 10cm gem to the wrong spirit weapon

    buying stuff that would cost all my gold in bank (many times)

    buying something just to find out it will be half prized the next day (yes it includes stuff that cost all my gold in bank)

    buying something I could literally get for free

    being broke and being lazy

    putting all sort of random stuff in my hs now its somewhat a challenge for many to enter and move around it without lagging

    having the urge to kill an enemy in a certain way even if there are other better methods to do it

    uncontrollably kill stealing with fh by refelx even if I already got scolded not to kill steal (I only have my fingers on "E" and "space" cause I set up my auto aiming to space cause Im too lazy to use mouse to aim sometimes)

    apologizing even if that person already told u they hate people who keeps apologizing but stills do it again (yes its from kill stealing)

    not wanting to progress with generations cause I cant catchup to how fast cutscenes are

    spending hours typing a very long reply full of explanations and research to a post in forums. Typing it in notepad selecting all but forgets to copy it, closing without saving and after realizing that I forgot to copy it and lost all that research and work proceeds to express annoyance and lack of interest ruining someone else fun (yes thats what happened merge people) and avoiding forums for days cause the pain and memory of my mistake haunts me

    forgetting that I should be doing stuff in game now but got distracted and typed this whole thing
  • Did u guys manage to finish it?

    so we did get G25 which I wont be doing yet, Currently trying to erase G22 in my head so I can rewatch it on someone else's gameplay, I'll probably do the same with G23 and 24 unless I actually managed to understand how the story went or read the lines on the cutscenes.

    I dont find the prizes (was actually gonna write "bribes" here) from the event to be able to force me and drag myself into doing it.
  • post your best mabinogi meme

    Akirachu wrote: »

    I think "Rua" should be included here
    unless I'm the only one that simped and finished her story

    Akirachu wrote: »

    not really some dungeons in the stone cant be accessed by the dungeon guide (I'm talking about u fiodh)
    but if there's a more superior way to access dungeons instantly we have dungeon wax wings which can easily be obtained from baltane supply boxes
  • Best *overall* one hander

    one handed weapons and shields enthusiast(u do realize a spell checker exist and then somebody is gonna say same thing to me)
    for one handed weapons and shields enthusiast the best 1 handed weapon is a fast weapon just look it up in wiki the stats are there and also the image if ur going with looking cool route.

    but wooden stick is still the most op weapon out there yes wooden stick any one handed weapons and shields enthusiast dont stand a chance against a newbie with a wooden stick. especially if u get a super rare type of wooden stick with insane speed and massive amounts of damage.
    I saw one being traded for 8 dead bees and dead bees are the currency of the rich, 1 dead bee could range from 10m to 100m gold. The super ultra rare wooden stick was a glitch that was given to some new players that completed a tutorial mission. The wooden stick stats basically increase as a player's total lvl increase brobably until lvl 1000 and it's so rare that they decided to let those few players that received it keep it. This wooden stick is so rare not many knows about it, I know I'm one of those that got it but I'm also one of the stupid ones that sold it to npc for 0 gold and didn't realize what I have until it was discussed on the old forums including the days the glitch happened and the details that make it different from the usual wooden stick. I'm not even sure if people remembers that wooden stick these days