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March 25, 2000
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All mistakes are great, but children are the best.
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I'm an 18 year old guy, I'm in a relationship, and that's all you get. Asking for anything more is asking for too much.
  • New Mini-Game: Hide and Seek

    I'd wanna see a Hide and Seek mini-game you can play. It would take place in Tara, most likely within the city walls. Hiders can "sprint" away from the seeker(s) by getting on a horse, which you automatically mount. However, you can only ride it for 5 seconds before it unsummons, and it must recharge over a period of 8. Seekers' "sprint" is the same, but their recharge only takes 6 seconds, so they can eventually catch up to the Hiders, and prevent an endless pursuit. Spectators ride an eagle above the city, which does not unsummon. The game would likely last 5-10 minutes, due to the sheer size of Tara. Of course, you cannot enter buildings or new zones, like Rath Royal Castle. Once all Hiders have been caught, or the timer runs out, the game ends. Participants (not Spectators) would receive an amount of Gold based upon time survived (Hider) and/or Hiders caught (Seeker). The original Seeker would earn 1.2x Gold, since they do not have access to the Hiding Gold.

    Any comments? Please share them!
  • New Skill: Air Strike

    Air Strike would be a skill that falls under the Combat Section of the Skills tab. The way Air Strike would work is that you would need to have a flying mount, and at least 1 Wing Bomb equipped in your right hand. Upon flying with the mount, the Eagle for this instance, you would be able to use the Air Strike Skill. Doing so will cause an Aiming Reticule to appear in front of you, and on the ground. The reticule will always face in front of you, and will move with you. You can then use the skill a second time to drop the Wing Bomb(s). Wing Bombs can be purchased from any weapons merchant for 50/1000G, or 500/10000G. Wing Bombs do 50 damage per explosion at novice, and 300 at Rank 1. At Novice level, you drop only 1 bomb at a time, but only need to make 5 hits to reach F, where you will drop 2. At Rank 9, you drop 3, 5 drops 4, and 1 drops 5. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.