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  • Well Played Nexon.

    Chibisai wrote: »
    Same... out of all the mobs, they had to pick one I fear the most: spiders! :'(


    Don't worry. I got your back

  • Taillteann Farmland: Make it accessable for all!

    When we had the free VIP month a couple of years ago I remember I took out a lease on some farmland. I thought it was quite fun though a little tedious having to keep going back and forth to the farm. After 2-3 weeks 'work' the payoff was only like 200k haha.

    I don't know how sophisticated bots can be made to be but maybe add in a minigame for each of the farming actions? For example something like the Wine Making minigame but with insects that pop up or weeds to be pulled. It will improve player interactivity as well (though it may make it even more of a chore).
  • PSA: Do not sell the celtic chain blade coupon

    I see shops in Belvast trying to sell Ruptured Black Metals for 5-10m each now. Alexina is crazy.
  • The Good Mabinogi Vibes Thread

    Feeling a little burned out from all the prep for the new talent but still feeling positive :)
  • Steampunk is going to be...

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Gaea wrote: »
    Nilrem wrote: »
    Oh no, Nexon is doing the thing they always do.

    And the forum reacts the same as it always does.

    I honestly won't care in the slightest as the only way I see myself paying for more than Pon for Style Tab in this game is if they update VIP.
    Currently its just a more expensive style tab with gestures.

    You're right about that VIP needs to be updated. Also we need to be compensated for all the remote Administration coupons.

    I agree with both of you that VIP needs something more, and totally agree with compensation on admin coupons... but, a little off topic with an honest question, why does no one mention the extra inventory tab when discussing the benefits of VIP? Thats probably the only reason I haven't got rid of VIP yet... lol. Is it just under VIP, or is that also included in the lower price premium package and thats why no one mentions it?

    You get the VIP inventory tab with the lower premium service. You only miss out on the extra daily missions, unlimited cont warp, decreased durability loss, and 'free' style tab.