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  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    Hello, just a quick status update! Recently I have received a few messages on Discord and I feel really bad as I haven't been able to answer some of you yet! I am currently in the middle of packing and moving and have been very busy! *sweats* I think I will be occupied at least until the end of the month. In the meantime, if you see this if I haven't answered you yet or given you an update, I apologize for the lack of communication. I'll try to answer you all as soon as I can! Many things coincidentally are happening at the same time so it has been a very busy month for me. ^^; Thank you all as always for being so patient. ㅠㅠ
  • Partner Improvements

    Fariison wrote: »
    If they can add giant and elf partners then I'd ask for humanoid fomor partners. Goblins, Fairies, Ogres, that stuff. Maybe we could merge the partner system with the ego system somehow.

    Being able to have the spirits as partners that can be summoned from the weapon or something would be adorable!!!
    Especially with the male wand spirit.

    And I'd LOVE to have some non-human partners too. Like, a commerce partner but it's the trade assistant imp or something...
    (Though wouldn't that be a pet? Is it racist to consider the imps pets at this point? No wonder they hate us again...)

    Aa I think ego partners would be a great idea if they can find a way to make it work! Then spirit weapons could get more love too!
  • Partner Improvements

    Alban Knight partners please! (ahaha) I know we can already customize partners visually but I think more NPC-specific partners like William and Laighlienne would be fun. ^^

    That being said I also wonder will it never be possible to summon more than 1 at once..? I guess there are reasons for that.

    BUT MY ONE AND ONLY TRUE WISH.. IS ACTUALLY...!!!! That they would add a princess carry function to them (PLEASE AND THANK YOU m(_ _)m).

    It'd be nice to be able to interact more with your partner characters.
    (Sorry, I'm only looking at the fun part not the functional.. haha ^^;)
  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    Hello everyone! I thought I should put up a list so that everyone can have an idea of when-abouts I’ll get to theirs!

    ☆ Vaughan (In progress...)
    ☆ SylviaWolfe
    ☆ Aquaheart
    ☆ Izy
    ☆ Mellchu
    ☆ Brave
    ☆ Cheney
  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    If you don't mind doing non-Mabi characters, I'd really like to commission another piece! This time of Jakob from Fire Emblem:
    Personality: Clever, calculating, and ruthless to all of those who are not his liege. Takes great pride in his ability.

    Thank you~

    Aaaah! Of course! Thank you so much!
    Whoahaha his design is nice! That first image got me!
    Personality sounds fun too, haha ^^