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  • [Ongoing] Pay What You Want Sketches

    [UPDATE] Thank you to everyone who has ordered from me so far! I’m having a lot of fun with the current orders (every ones characters are so pretty!), and getting some good practice in, so I’d like to continue doing them even after the gatcha goes away if anyone is interested. ^^ Please keep sending me your pretty characters~

    Hello! I was wanting to practice some sketching and also buy a few gatcha and things from the cyber monday sale before they dissappear on the 6th. Anyway, I might be too late but, if anyone is interested in a sketch of their character please let me know. Whether I make it or not, I'd still like to practice some sketching, so please send me your lovely characters! ^^

    Sketches will be "pay what you want" and payment will be accepted through ko-fi. (Please note that there is a $3 minimum since that is ko-fi's minimum. Sorry for any inconvenience m(_ _)m )
    *Please send payment only AFTER I have completed your sketch.*


    -Sketches will be digital (unless you want traditional)
    -Not colored* (*Mostly because I’m not very confident in my coloring ability and I'd like to focus on just sketching for now, but I might like to try here or there if I feel I can do it.)
    -Multiple orders okay!
    -Multiple characters within a sketch okay!
    -PG-13 please
    -Whether it's bust-full body will be random
    -Please leave a ref of the character(s) and a short personality description (ex. moody, cheerful, vengeful, emo, etc.)
    -You can request a pose or suggest the general feeling you'd like it to have, if you'd like. ^^
    -You get to decide how much you'd like to pay! So please wait to send payment after your sketch is complete. ^^
    -Ah! (Please note) I try to work on orders as soon as possible but sometimes I unexpectedly become busy suddenly, so there might be delays here and there. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ^^
    -Hmm... I think that's it! Please let me know if you have any questions or if I missed anything!

    Thank you for your interest m(_ _)m

    Discord: prinnicarat#1366

    Payment Link Below
    TweliePankoodaChibisaiImaizumiDANIartsVaughanMizuneeKrissyPootelNyuuHokusaiLaticijaand 2 others.