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July 4, 1989
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Its best to live life one day at a time, not all at once.
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I've been playing games from Nexon for many years. I've been through the good, the bad, the utterly frustrating, and the ultra hyped. I enjoy their games and will continue to help support for the foreseeable future.
  • Bring back Inventory Expansion Coupons!

    Knowing Nexon, its possible they may add it back if enough players request it, and then place said coupon in a future Gachapon as an upper-tier prize that can only be redeemed once. That way they'd have their money from that, and we'd have our player-driven box opening/marketing routine. It don't happen all the time, but it still remains a possibility.

    On the other hand, selling something only once and never selling it again is usually limited to items generated through stuff like anime crossovers and stuff like that. Things they require legal permission from someone else to achieve. Since its not one of those things, Its very possible to see it again in the future, if not something better.
  • This is why I hate going for nice enchants


    I place them there as my signature. Its easier for people to identify me if they happen to be in the same server. If they have any additional questions, and I'm not in the forums, they could contact me via pm, mail, or whisper. My global Nexon name is Nullavie. That name I use across all the forums for Nexon.

    Character Name: Eveila
    Server: Ruari
  • [UPDATED] Memory Book Level 5000 Event


    In my own personal opinion, this event isn't all that bad. It promotes growth and talent exploration for new and/or returning players that honestly would have a hard time fitting into a party with the rest of us otherwise. Remember when we were all newbies? The game was a fun challenge, yes, but it took a lot of effort to be accepted into daily HM parties or sometimes social groups. Bringing this event to light allows for a swift catch-up and the ability to enjoy the game in its entirety.

    For us old fossils that have been around for years, we can take advantage of the free repair event like nobody's business. We can use our top-tier gear w/o a care in the world and can spam Elites and HM dungeons without investing so heavily in repairs. Additionally, we can choose to re-live the newbie life on our alts, which additionally promotes interaction with the real newbs, as power discrepancy no longer becomes an issue during daily missions, should you choose to do them, and the sale of skill pages/items becomes more commonplace for those that need them.

    Both new and old players alike get a chance at rare raid drops from the boxes you get for completing the 3rd book quests, which isn't half bad if you ask me. It means more potential weapons being crafted and/or sold, as well as the chance to get your own. The pet you get is also awesome. Who doesn't like more free inventory space and healing service with a smile?

    Character Name: Eveila
    Server: Ruari