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Hey Mickyle, do you remember the "Stone R63 rifle" you made right after "Gram Carlos" got divorced from his ex fiancé????? Elesis wants to Tarsis your "Tactical Assault Rifle Plans" dragging you backwards into Cold War again where the Manwhore Virus came to infect you. Meaning there is no way Durandal is the best option along with his secretary Thomas Clark Mathis. Could you not make a Durandal out of a Highlander Claymore. He gets you killed because of Gram's Wife who is the huge weight of problem. Unless you make an Item that Ignore's Gram's Exwife's Killer motives.


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April 3, 1991
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@Mai Isaac Rai
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The Sword is a Sworn Oath and grows from a Dagger into a Grand Adventure. Keep it Clean. While your Shield is your only life book. So keep it repaired and un-scratched.
About Me
Before I use or do anything I use Tapex System. I am from the Family: Beoulve Hearts of Azure. I was once born near the sea of the Lighthouse. Otters were a background thing. I am also known as Mai Isaac Rai or Saint 14 Silicon. I get Bullied from "Oni Demon" which I need to slay. I like "Red Tail Hawk" and I call them "Fawk" instead. I also like Battlewolves. My favorite Weapons are Auto Rifles(Rod Cannon), Blunt Weapons, and Sword+Shields. Lanego Cosmic beyourbirthday. I am also a 4D Graphic Poloygon Developer in Realistic and Anime. I also am careered in "Rmith" and is re-directing the wrong corrections to change an become positive corrections. Likes: Sugar, Patrasche Named Michael, and likes making "R type Moonstone". Dislikes: Ying and Yang. An to get a Manifestation Account Avatars are they wearing cloths as their skin instead????? Well I found my Old Spirit, Turns out it's Kyle hidden at the Huanted Mansion in the Outskirts. I think I might turn the Old Mansion Clean with money of course and Help from Kyle. I always Check my Storage Boxes to see if there is anything in there and throw away things that are not mines. Will keep Shadow Self Items.
  • New Event for Janurary 2019?????? Just a Suggest

    What more the merrier about Magic unless this does not prove the point that there are magic citizens in this game????? "Eweca" can not always be precise when it's in love with that so called "Magic Factory". In actual reality what are you complaining about????? Just read it not eat it like "Eweca" was the next big thing????? Unless Koreans where "Koread" then there is no point in lying that this about Magic.....If were talking about spirit then where does it come from????? Eweca is not supposed to be flowing from a chained Crystal????? Is it????? Get it?????

    As of now even the Year 2018, Mabinogi just released the New Class Job: Chain Slash.....go lash some more slashes.

    If Magic is going restricted for use. An Mana just got Super Restricted for use. Then why not get to the point were "Spirit Energy" might itself get restricted too. This is getting dangerously no where.....the owners of these energy are breaking down on who stole their source of power. Believe what you think when your find your self limited.....

    Have you ever swim upstream then swim back into the middle stream????? Then realized that "cannoning" down stream is "Make Sense"?????