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  • Who else is hoping for Doki Doki to come back?

    Let's be fair, Doki Doki is a good concept...yet it can be tiring.

    Myself I find it very time consuming and since I have IRL matters to tend to, I'd say I pass.
  • Naco Commerce Event ???

    Gaea wrote: »
    I wish I could get rid of the desert surrounding my homestead.

    I would rather have mine surrounded by water...then that Anchor Statue might actually look good and not so out of context. ¬ ¬'
  • Winter Gear Shuffle Cards

    Maybe have BOTH Outfit Bags and Shuffle Cards?

    You wanna try your luck with the cheaper yet random shuffle, or get straight to the point and get the Outfit you want with the Shopping Bag.
  • 7 letter word game

    *cries of despair*


    *Takes bite out of desk*


    *breathes heavily*
  • Next fishing event for Rabbie Phantasm spam~

    Guys, you know we have other events and stuff we can do. You're just complaining because the prizes are crap.

    Try becoming a grandmaster, improve your equipment, get better equipment, get titles, get achievements, level up, level up your pets, see what kind of dungeons you can solo, craft something, cook something, go hot air ballooning, kill stuff, explore stuff, commerce, chat with freinds, make new friends, help someone out with something, or my personal favorite...see what you can do to break the game (which is not hard lel).
    But...but... I just returned, got the returning Milletian event, got 2 outfits, got the Unicorn pet, reached Master Bard, reached Beast Lord, finished Hamlet, got sassy pictures of my Giant and his Laertes-look-alike Butler, got the Phoenix Witness title, got a pure black dye from Saga Coupons, crashed a lot of times, raged a lot of times....

    But the Phoenix Event is boring and Samhain is very repetitive (and is worse when you have the door glitch), heck I didn't even bother to redo Samhain 1 and 2, once was enough. (YES the bags are SWEET and having a Tailoring Manual is COOL TOO, but is waaay to ANNOYING. The Phoenix Event prizes are indeed CRAP - But well, is basically an AFK event, so I think is normal that it doesn't have super awesome prizes)
    A better event would be the "Dyewell" event that makes regular dyes' price go down to 2k.
    Ohhh! the Fabled Dying Well event... I had never participated in that one, I've heard people have like 4 of those in their HS to synth dyes like crazy.