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  • Musicians of Erinn 2: Summer Edition

    Unfortunately I could not find a video editor that was little to no cost that didn't plaster a giant watermark across the entire middle section of the video, so I decided that the unedited version would have been better to post. I was only going to cut out a little bit in the beginning (after the tuning bit, before the actual song started) and after the song had finished anyways.

    This is Ocean Storm
    Ridliy - Piano (Composer)
    Alexandarr - Violin
    INocturne - Drumset
    Paxseko - Cello

    Server: Nao

    The drumset was an attempt to make a tide effect
    also my first original song :D
  • Musicians of Erinn

    Song: Call to the Hunt
    Server: Nao

    Ridliy: Drums
    Cypryss: Ukelele
    Castielwinch: Guitar
    Deanwinchy: Guitar

    -new to posting videos, hopefully it linked properly o.o-
    also just realized i left my mouse in the video the entire time x.x
  • Make Humans Unique Again

    Wlia wrote: »

    As for trans id say the most useless is the elf the missile is kinda low damage in second place would be paladin (i use pala since it give nice damage boost and injury) but outside of that my char alone has more survivability than paladin can offer i never used DK since RANDOM never works in my favor and giants are just more OP in trans.
    I dont really feel much not being unique as Human race as much as feeling useless compared to Giants or Elfs...

    I never even use the trans except for as an oh crap button to instantly heal, and then de trans anyways and i have maxed out pally. At some point having the titles gives you a bigger damage boost than transformations do, at least for human trans, not sure about giant trans.
  • Make Humans Unique Again

    Veylaine wrote: »
    Sebasteann wrote: »
    Zelfal wrote: »
    Technically humans r the most unique race of the 3 giants dont have archery elves dont have lances. Humans also have 2 different types of trans Pally and Dark knights elves and giants only have single one. So plz tell me how can Nexon make humans more unique when they r the most balanced and played race to the point that individuals only play giants when a giant update/rework comes out.

    the 2 different types of trans makes really no difference because you choose 1 to use, and the other 2 races have 1, so no real difference other than the fact they are all useless really besides giant full swing. Yeah cool, I can do both lance and archery, but we have literally no unique skill to us anymore, besides a difference in the name of the title, cause final strike is literally the same thing as fh. giants have windguard which is op in it's own right with 0 sec charge cooldowns and full swing, they've got stomp, and now stampede and final strike and the skill at lvl 100 that gives them a straight up damage boost. Elves have double shot base archery, vision of ladeca, mirage missile, not much else tbh but more than humans. and Humans have a crappy lvl 100 skill that's rather pointless, and fh which was given to giants anyways.

    No it is not. Final Strike is extremely slow and its speed can only be boosted by the attack sequence itself and even then it is not as fast as FH not even close. even with the 750% damage boost , FH out dpses Final Strike.

    just so I don't have to type this out again ill link this comment
    EDIT: and this one too for the attack sequence.

    Whether or not the exact values are the same, the idea of the skill is the same... teleport to enemy, deal damage
  • Make Humans Unique Again

    I appreciate new skills for different races. It infact makes it more entertaining to play different races. However, with the release of the new giant skills, Nexon has essentially given giants humans Final Hit skill but buffed even more. Now there is literally no reason to play a human except for the fact that it may be the only character you've put work into. The lv.100 special skill for humans is pitiful It just gives us extra movement speed to catch up with the base movement speed of the other 2 races, and provides no use in combat what so ever. Give us a Human rework. Give us a reason to play actually play humans still. MAKE HUMANS UNIQUE AGAIN!