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  • Which Combat Talents Feel The Most Awesome to You?

    I like fighter, though the mechanics are archaic at this point.

    All it needs is a few tweaks like faster animation speeds (less flashy animations for stage 1/2 and more visceral ones would be nice too, superman punch the dash punch, side-> roundhouse -> somersault for the kick, etc. etc.) it shouldn't take two smashes to do one pummel - or conversely scale the pummel to two smashes at the least.

    And also actually make tumble/respite useable, maybe make respite a mana to hp/sp chargeable thing and have tumble be a ground targetable skill that ACTUALLY takes us to the area when the skill activates instead of after the animation is finished.
  • Allow Erg Enhancement on Shyllien Mana Knuckles

    I really like the massive amount of utility that Merlin's knuckles gives, using thunder and fighter skills at the same time without throwing in some bolt magic, shockwaves to buy time, etc.

    So it really bummed me out when you couldn't use erg enrichment on it.

    I get that choosing which enhancement effects it has is probably the main problem, but I still would rather have it able to get endgame upgrades than not.

    My suggestion would be to allow the knuckles to receive both staff and knuckle enchantments but limit it's Erg level. Enough so that Merlin's can be viable endgame, but not enough to overshadow the actual endgame weapons.

    So probably like Erg 45, so that it gets about half of the modifiers that actually matter (25% CD reduction and 20% cast speed).

    I'd go lower but erg 40 has no CD reduction and the numbers between 40 and 45 doesn't sound 'official' enough.

    The trick is that getting to Erg 45 on a shyllien knuckle requires as much resources as the usual Erg 50
  • Faster Character Movement!

    Actually, curbing off the sprint skill idea, why not just rework the ladeca skills? Have all of it be a toggleable instead of a CD skill that increases/adds stam drain to their respective actions, while buffing the sprint skill?

    Or alternatively, have the skills be in two parts, a passive, and an active. With the primary limiting factor the cost, and not the cooldown.

    Its not like anyone actually uses the celestial body skills that much anyways, too little benefit for an annoying buff to manage or a randomized grab bag of buffs that you have no control over.
  • Faster Character Movement!

    I also like how a lot of very dangerous skills are only slightly faster than base human speed.
  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    My problem isn't that lootboxes is gambling, or it's bad for children. It just makes the argument easier to make, and 'vidya iz bad' is an easy thing to abuse to get laws passed around. Hell, WotC does a so-so job of using "lootboxes."

    The problem is that the games industry has been abusing bad practices (not practice, practices) like this for a long time now, and I'm betting a lot of consumers complained about it, and the industy did nothing.

    I'll give an example for this game - pay to win mechanics, like say reforges, people really didn't like that, some even left. Echostones may have allieviated the problem, but the problem has almost been a decade old, why was it so hard to fix?

    If they won't listen to us, or even at least pretend to, or even at least not paint the consumers as being whiny entitled retards , it makes sense to escalate it.