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  • Graphics Engine Update

    Coolaid- "While I myself do not care for graphics either
    A new engine would optimize the game better, better graphics or not you can't deny some parts of the game are severely unoptimized."

    I agree with you. The game itself is enjoyable but there ARE plenty of needs for optimizing. I also dislike when I'm walking through any map and my character gets stuck on random invisible things. I wish I knew how to optimize the visuals when running around maps aswell. My high end video card can handle the max on everything but even so I still need to be close to a creature for it to suddenly appear? It's so weird how close I have to get to some NPCs or creatures to finally see them.

    I would love a resolution increase for sure but also dont understand why I can't play the game fullscreen without it bugging out on me. Haven't bothered trying to figure it out since I started to watch netflix side by side while training things lol but when I go to fullscreen all the tiles either take an extraordinary amount of time to load or dont load at all. Shoot I play so many other games on my system at "ULTIMATE" mode with 1080p at 200+ fps without issues but Mabinogi is different and it drives me CRAZY cause I LOVE MABINOGI!!!