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  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Finished commissions for Marielx and 잘생겼다 on discord~

    Due to recent events, I won't be opening up waitlist spots for now, even as I finish commissions. My school recently began coronavirus prevention efforts so I'm kinda of in this weird transitional period rn, moving home, etc. Stay safe and healthy, everyone ^^
  • Good Luck Katherz Contest

    Good luck, Katherz! Sending good health and my best wishes your way ♡

    IGN: Canarysong
    Server: Nao

  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    agent_ames wrote: »
    i just want to say that your art is beautiful!! and ignore my form LOL i didnt see that you were full

    You're all good~ And thank you very much!!! ^^
  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Bump~ shop has reopened! This is kind of a soft reopening, as I'm still in school right now, so I may be slow to finish. Thank you for understanding!
    For returning customers, here's what has changed:

    price update, general making the shop look cuter update
    the gold/NX/USD conversion rate is now 1m = 1K = $1
    the preferred payment method is NX/USD, but I won't stop you from paying with gold lol
    I will only be taking one slot at a time! just so that I can manage it around my classes
    there is now a waitlist! there are only 2 spots and I won't accept any more if it's full

    As always, let me know if you've got questions!

  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Hello everyone! I'm back for a little for winter break! Here are the updates:

    (copied from above)
    I'm back for winter break! However, I will be out of town starting the 25th, so I'll only be taking one bust/head-shot or half-body, single character commission for now, so that I can finish before I leave
    This will be NX payment only! It is 15K NX for a bust/head-shot, and 30K NX for a half-body. The prices are set and will not change depending on complexity, and do not include a background
    Since I am on a time-limit (I definitely want to finish before I leave on the 25th), payment will be up front
    I will only be opening ONE slot for now! If you would like to claim it, before contacting me, make sure to comment on this post so that other people can see that the slot has been taken in case I don't see your message quickly enough to change the status. In that same vein, even if it's listed as [available], make sure to check the end of this post to see if the slot has already been claimed, and I just haven't updated it yet.

    I'm also planning on re-opening shop mid-January when I get back and get settled into my new (much easier) semester. Please look forward to it! ^^

    Hope you all have a great holiday season!
    - hana