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  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Finished commission for bravelatios~

    I very likely will not be opening slots again anytime soon! I'll be moving for my new semester in a couple weeks and from then on I'll have school again. Depending on how busy I am, I may open something like sketch/avatar commissions since they take less time, but at this point I can't say for sure ;;

    Thanks for everyone's continued interest in this shop! It's been a great summer, and I'll be sure to update if anything changes ^^

  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Finished commission for Imaizumi~

    I will not be opening new slots until I finish all that I currently have! There's also no guarantee that they'll even be open by mid-late August, since my academic year will be starting again, so just something to note ^^

  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Finished commission for eyx~ shop has now been updated!

    Here's whats new:
    converted pricing over to be gold/NX compatible and added that paying part gold and part NX is also OK
    there are now 2 coloring options: default (comes with the base price) and complex/painting! The complex style costs extra--I love to paint, but I realized with the past batch of commissions that it just takes so much more time and effort out of me to do so
    added estimated wait times and examples for the 2 different coloring options as well
    new rule that I will not begin your commission until I've finished all the ones slotted before it! It's just easier for me to manage, so keep in mind that I may not even contact you with a sketch for days because I am working on prior ones
    there are now 3 slots open! The commission form is taking responses again, so please fill it out~
    do note that I'm a bit more busy in July; not by a ton, but I do have other commitments irl, particularly in the next 3 weeks. It shouldn't effect the estimated wait time that much, but I wanted to put it out there ahead of time

    Let me know if you have any questions, or if any of the new updates are confusing! Thanks!

  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Finished commission for Nevine!

    Just got back in town again, one more comm to go! =͟͟͞͞( ˙∀˙)=͟͟͞͞ its go time baby

    Since I feel the obligation to leave some updates as long as I post, here's whats in the news:
    expect to see the shop update once I finish my next comm, estimated roughly 2-3 days from now depending how busy I am
    I'm out of town less in July, but I'm also more consistently busy with other commitments, just letting yall know in case anyone's on a time crunch (I do try to finish commissions as quickly as I can, but ya girl's a perfectionist)
    I post progress pics on my instagram story! I forgot to note it because it's not an official shop feature (I just happen to) but in case commissioners or anyone's interested in keeping up with how far I am into things, you can always check there to see if there's anything new!

    See you in a few days!

  • ❀ hana's art shop: closed

    Finished commission for Siha'a!

    Sorry for the absence these last couple days, I had to catch up on some stuff ;; I will be leaving town again during July 4-7, but I should be able to finish the commissions I currently have slotted before then (or hope to).

    Some shop notes for the time being:
    updated wishlist! (it's constantly changing anyway, but I've been trying to include as much as possible so there's as many options as I can provide to whoever is interested)
    I will not be opening new slots until I finish the two I have remaining
    ko-fi/pp payment option will likely remain closed for a while. Thanks for understanding! ^^
    I may also be updating some of my shop details in July. stay tuned~ (dw it won't be anything huge lol)

    As always, let me know if you have any questions! Ty for your interest! ( ゚▽゚)