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  • Nexon pls tone down the amount of concurent events

    Miliardo wrote: »
    oh look, another fishing event... joy *twitches*

    You mean eye twitch?

    no, my whole body is twitching with contained rage joy
  • 2 Shadow Missions needs to be revamped

    yay memoirs,,, except it doesn't change the fact you still have to actually train the skills :/ unless you fall into the trap of AP training. Also there are benefits to not blasting through levels. You get some very nice other benefits as a newbie, and if you are really smart and wait for a 2x (or better yet 10x) ap event then you are gonna have a life time supply of AP. Then there are some mainstream quests to consider, scaling content that gets harder the higher your level while you are still lacking in skill ranks.
  • Nexon pls tone down the amount of concurent events

    Back to back events are fine if they are sustainable, the real problem is the nature of the events. They all have some afk element to them designed with the idea of keeping you logged in to artificially inflate server activity. It's a cheap shortcut to making the game appear thriving, when in reality 90% of the player base is not even looking at the game screen. These events take little effort while giving the most activity increase. Unfortunately I don't see them changing strategies anytime soon.
  • Pursuing(Outlaw Hunting)

    The bandits are "spawned" by commerce. If nobody has done commerce in that area recently then you won't find any bandits there. Bounty hunter just "respawns" the bandits that commerce players evaded. As for the despawning bandits, this is because the bandits were spawned a while ago by another player and had already hit that time limit when you approached them. Think of them as ghost bandits.

    My personal strategy is to buy 1 of the cheapest item at dunby trade and run around spawning bandits in danger zones and then cancel when i have about 3-4 spawns ready to hunt. 3-4 is usually enough to get a homestead pass.

    Also this isn't directly related to your issue but as a favor to every bounty hunter including yourself, if you find the bandit boss, its better to leave and find another pass. Once the bandit boss is found it gets removed from the board and if there are no more bosses to hunt, that means no more hunting for anyone. You can still earn ducats from doing normal outlaw homesteads, especially if you have bounty cards.
  • Maybe recycle whats left of Peria into mabinogi

    Here let me just copy this line of code from Battlefield 5 and put it into Call of Duty 2. I'm sure it will just work.

    Sarcasm aside, if they had anything they could recycle I'm sure they've already considered it as any profit hungry business would.