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  • Naos First consert at the new hall!

    Balloon was in the way which is why this shot is so lowkc0jXe0.jpg
    Yeah the image turned out too low quality for the names, sorry about that.USxbWVG.jpg
    Learned a lot from this first concert, like that its probably better to use jam session with pure music mode instead of freestyle jam. The music was very quiet with freestyle. Idk why they didn't just design it so it played full volume for anyone in the audience.
  • 5000% fruit dont give 50 levels

    Helsa wrote: »
    Miliardo wrote: »
    I never said everyone was. But there were enough to trigger my response. If you want to ignore the bullying be my guest, but don't expect me to stay quiet about it.

    I was not ignoring bullying; most of my post talked about it. But there were enough polite posts to trigger my response. If you want to ignore the useful posts be my guest, but don't expect me to stay quiet about it.
    But you implied I should ignore them by responding in a way that implies I was ignoring the positive responses and should just wait to call them out later if that chance even presents itself. Your mocking reflection of my words does not help your claim and is frankly rather childish.
  • 5000% fruit dont give 50 levels

    I never said everyone was. But there were enough to trigger my response. If you want to ignore the bullying be my guest, but don't expect me to stay quiet about it.
  • Increase the bank's gold capacity (again)

    I'll throw my own thoughts based on observations of the changing markets starting from G2 onwards:

    Hyperinflation is not due to gold farmers, gold farmers can't make the amount of gold that a certain crowd does because they do not develop characters enough to match this crowd. It is also not the resellers who can make tons of money, but whose profits are limited by the gold circulating in the economy. The culprit is also not the amount of money given by the increasing missions rewards, though that does help it along. No, the real problem is a group of individuals who have been playing this game for a very long time and flooding the economy with newly minted currency by underhanded means. The group I refer to of course is a specific part of the taboo modding community. Multi-boxers, and botters. These people can bring in entire parties of alt accounts, and as a result collect up to 8x the rewards. Worse yet many of them have been doing it for years and never been caught. And some of them even continue to boast about it. In-fact I know one of them who even streams it. I watched him do an entire dungeon with a bunch of bots and brag that he had never been caught.

    Of course there are other factors helping this along. One big example is the server merge. The server merge caused rare hard to obtain items to go up in value with all the new demand, while common more easily obtained items dropped with the flood of new stock.

    Do I think increasing the gold limit will help affect the inflation in any significant way and help the cheaters? No, they have more than enough alt banks to fill. Do I think anyone but gold buyers, gacha sellers, and market manipulators will benefit much from the change? Possibly, but I would need to see some concrete data on the potential earnings of a veteran player using methods easily available to all end-game players in a reasonable time frame (accounting for work/school hours) that does not involve more advanced strategies like market exploitation (reselling goods) otherwise it's all just speculation. I personally do not believe the wealth of the average player* does not typically go over 100mil which is about how much you would be able to bank using all free character cards. But I believe this is because most people don't hold onto gold for long. Do I believe we need a bank limit increase? Yes, the average wealth of the player HAS increased and trying to hamper inflation by keeping the current limit is like putting a bandaid on a gaping axe wound. The only real solution would be cracking down on multi-boxing and botters. To further that idea lets take a look at a very popular game that also has had similar problems with it's economy; Runescape. Runescape once tried to combat bots who were influencing the market by imposing a trade limit. This trade limit severely restricted the amount of gold one could trade with another player. All this accomplished was annoying the player base and changing the botters methods. It was highly ineffective, which is why they later removed the trade limit completely. Also note that the trade restriction was before the introduction of bonds(trade-able game time tokens) so it was more about pleasing players by getting rid of bots and making the market more fair to rule abiding players.

    *note: This is an assumption based on the talks i've had with many other veterans in various but limited guilds I've had contact with. I do not claim to have any concrete data on the average player wealth as it is all my own speculation so take that particular statement with a grain of salt.
  • 5000% fruit dont give 50 levels

    Feeling sorry for the OP rn. Give them a break already, they got the message you don't need to be jerks. Things that might seem obvious to you aren't so obvious to others. Not everyone is gonna think "oh hey it bases it on my current level not each level individually" and people can have off days where they aren't even thinking at full capacity. But I guess it's much more entertaining to insult people than it is to accept them making a simple error and correcting them gently or just leaving it.