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  • Mabinogi.... in an ANIME?!

    pawcalypse wrote: »
    If you were to put Mabinogi as an anime, it would be an isekai and fantasy but what other genre will it be also? Does it have a slice-of-life aspect? Is it a shounen with lots of fights and action? Is it a shoujo with enough romance and teen drama? Or is it mature enough to be seinen and josei?
    I wish this game had more horror elements to be honest. I always wish the dungeons had an element of surprise where a mini-boss appears after a certain time, chasing the players after every room. It would hunt down the player like the ghosts in Pac-Man or the Tyrant from Resident Evil, or even a Creeper that randomly appears. The players have to sneak by to not get noticed, especially if they die and respawn at the beginning of the map. Since the doors are already open, the mini-boss can just waltz right in and do some damage. It would fun if it randomly teleports.

    You can't make mabinogi scary, just give up. Unless you make Ferghus the only repair option and no 100% repair. Now that would be scary.
  • Mabinogi Feedback Survey!

    I don't think mabi could afford a classic server. Why do you think we just merged 3 servers? This game isn't doing as well as maplestory, runescape, or wow. So of course they aren't going to add a whole new server and then try to salvage a bunch of old content. I mean don't get me wrong I would not mind having a nostalgia trip to the old days, but it's just not financially feasible.
  • 2019 Mabinogi Player Survey

    I hope whoever is reading these things has a lot of time on their hands. I don't know about the rest of you, but I just wrote a novel in there lol
    DragoolfireKensamaofmarieikodenRadiant DawnSaiDanievictriaValkiryeSherriDarkpixie99TheNyanCatand 1 other.
  • [COMPLETED]Scheduled Maintenance - September 5th

    Katherz wrote: »
    • Compensation for the Fantastic Memory Relay Event attendance issue is now available. If you were affected by the attendance issue, you will receive the following items once when logging in between Sept. 5 - Oct. 10:
    • 2x Golden Experience Fruit (5000%)
    • 1x Lorna's Special Supply Pet Box

    So people still won't get the last reward with the style tab key which is what most would have missed out on because of the bug. Instead you give us another temp pet that most people probably won't need 2 of. gg nexon, your greed is showing.
  • Guild overhaul idea

    with a guild market to strictly sell to guild members in the auction house

    That is a terrible idea. If people really want guild only auctions host it privately through chat. Not only does it not add much for the time to code it, but it also further divides the market screwing up the economy. If people want to sell to guildies they can do it the old fashioned way, with face to face trades.