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Last Active
  • The merge that created Nao

    I can't account for the other two servers, but Tarlach was pretty dead. Thanks to the merge I've met a lot of cool new people. There is a lot more activity across the board too.
  • Interaction Crafter Improvements.

    The interaction system is REALLY cool, but there are two things that bug me about it.

    1. Interactions are instantaneous
    2. Only the owner can trigger the interactions

    So what I'd like to see is 1st a wait function for interaction scripts so that it doesn't look like our mind is being read when using chat keywords, and so that speech bubbles don't get overwritten before you can read them. 2nd I'd want to see pet to pet interactions so we could let our pets have conversations. I also thought about allowing other players to trigger interactions, but I'm still on the fence about that one for potential problems that could arise.
  • [UPDATE] Patch Notes - April 11th

    Did giants really need to get the originally human exclusive skill >.>
    I mean you can rename the skill all you want and pretend its a new skill but it's still Final Hit for giants...

    *sigh* Next is gonna be an elf renewal where they get Arrow Revolver Chaingun.
    Don't get me wrong, its great giants are getting so much love, I just wish they didn't have to to reduce the number of human exclusive skills in the process. I don't want humans to end up as jack-of-all-trades masters of none because they have no exclusive racial skills.

    I am happy we are getting more crafting recipes though. Life skills need some serious loving in general, so can we get more of that kind of update and encourage more player made goods in the economy please!
  • Interesting log in

    So the harem of Succubi are not permanent? And just when I thought I'd finally achieve my dream of being a harem protagonist!

    In all seriousness though this is my first time seeing this one even if it's a repeat so its pretty fun. (I seem to be gone from mabi a lot around april over the years T_T) Kinda sad I missed the ferghus Nao one.
  • Doki Doki is just another AFK fish event. Great!

    Yeah the starfish are the worst part of this event. The rarity is complete BS