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  • Doki Doki is just another AFK fish event. Great!

    I am one of the people who wanted doki doki back, and im glad its back. I have been wanting to do this "afk event" for years since I missed getting the flight the first time it came around. Yeah the game needs less afk events but this one isn't even purely an afk event. If you really want to do the fishing quest plenty of people are dropping their fish on the ground while trying to catch a pink starfish so you can loot them. Otherwise there is metalurgy if you just want a chance at more cats paws which requires more active attention. As for the matchmaking thing, you don't need to be at doki doki island for that to go up, and you can farm boombox minigame if you want to speed things up. A lot of newbies have joined since the last time the event was around and more still that didn't even get to do it last time which was years ago. You know how frustrating it is to see all your buddies flying around in tir without having to worry about a pet timer?

    That said people complaining should be a surprise to nobody, humans love to focus on the negative. How often do YOU create threads praising something, now think about how often you come to the forums to complain. Further still think about how many times your praise is in retaliation to someone's complaints like this very post for instance.