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  • Spooky Halloween Screenshot Contest Submissions

    "Never anger a Sea Witch."

    IGN: Stolias
    Server: Nao
  • (Spoilers duh) G22 Balor Theory

    I pointed out Sera being from Samhain the other day on the Discord. Didn't mention it here since this was a thread about Balor, lol.
    Definitely interesting that we may see a continuation of the Samhain Story to some extent. Apparently G23 had some call backs to Samhain too.

    In short, if we see the Samhain event return between G23 and G24, I think it may be safe to say "Yep same Sera!"
  • Closed Shop

    Closed Shop
  • Dungeon Drop Rates Decreased?

    I'm disappointed in the Loot Tables for the harder dungeons. Especially Phantasm where all 4 chests have nothing but pure white powder. - the stuff you get from EVERY ALBY RUN. Like seriously? I'm glad we get Upgrade stones, but can at least ONE chest have a 100% Material Drop for the Soluna or Destruction robe? Getting the passes is a Pain already- there should be at least 1 "Rare Material Reward" in a 4-person Raid of Phantasm.
  • Ask a Dev Thread

    Here's some questions myself, friends and several guildmates have always wondered about. We understand not all questions can be answered, but thank you in advance if you answer or discuss any of these questions below.

    1. Is it possible for us to get Elf & Giant Marriage in the future?

    2. Will we gain new Monster transformations that are not NPC Gacha Transformation coins?

    3. Can we see more older Materials used in newer crafts so that the older content isn't complete overlooked by new updates?

    4. For those players who suffer from epilepsy, have you considered having a Turn-off Flashy Dyes function?

    5. Have you considered separating Pet Names from the Player Name pool?

    6. If We were to get Guardian Guilds for Emain Macha, Bangor, Tara, Tetc, what sort of benefits could those towns have for their theoretical Guardian Guild?

    7. Is is possible to Revamp or Update the Dye Amp Palette with more colors? Or at least include the Fixed Dye colors that are not currently in the Amps?