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  • Ask a Dev Thread

    Here's some questions myself, friends and several guildmates have always wondered about. We understand not all questions can be answered, but thank you in advance if you answer or discuss any of these questions below.

    1. Is it possible for us to get Elf & Giant Marriage in the future?

    2. Will we gain new Monster transformations that are not NPC Gacha Transformation coins?

    3. Can we see more older Materials used in newer crafts so that the older content isn't complete overlooked by new updates?

    4. For those players who suffer from epilepsy, have you considered having a Turn-off Flashy Dyes function?

    5. Have you considered separating Pet Names from the Player Name pool?

    6. If We were to get Guardian Guilds for Emain Macha, Bangor, Tara, Tetc, what sort of benefits could those towns have for their theoretical Guardian Guild?

    7. Is is possible to Revamp or Update the Dye Amp Palette with more colors? Or at least include the Fixed Dye colors that are not currently in the Amps?
  • Where would you live in Errin

    Scathach Beach, Belvast, Port Cobh- or the elusive Tory Ravine.
    My character's a Pirate, so anywhere around Belvast or Cobh would be best for her.
  • c7 and g22 SPOILERS**********************

    GTCvActium wrote: »
    Lugh was blessed by the natural spirits (which the ego weapons say are stupidly powerful entities), held the power of Paladin, has the direct backing of Morrighan and other major active deities. (Most of them stopped being active by the time G1 started). Basically the Fomor war was as much a mortal conflict as it was a divine one so there were a lot of power being thrown around. By the time G21 ends, we're pretty much doing the job that all the past heroes and gods did in the war. We've scraped together remnants and scraps of power fighting off heroes that are well past their prime while Balor could very be revived at the height of his power. In short, all our struggles would be pretty small scale compared to ancient battles.

    Here's some more info:
    During the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, the battle were Lugh fought Balor, The Battle was instigated by the Fomors, lead by the Dethroned King of Tara, Breath. Breath sought to reclaim his throne after Nuadha dethroned the tyrannical King.
    Nuadha's counselors suggested to form a treasty with the Fomors, which Nuadha considered- Lugh, who's Commander of the Army at this point, knew the Fomors would not accept a Treaty and move to annihilate the human race that's been weakened by the the first War.

    Lugh then goes off on his own, persuading Spirits, Imps and even some of the fearsome warriors, the Fir Bolgs (one of which was responsible for Nuadha's lost arm), to join Humanity against the Fomorians. Lugh even manages to convince the Imps of Fiodh Forest to let humans take shelter in their forest during the war, and a Spirit blessed Lugh with special Armor and his weapon, the Brionac.*
    ***Small Note: Lugh's Brionac might've been in name only, and not the real one the player now carries. -NPC:Brianna

    During the 2nd War itself, Humanity was outnumbered, but Lugh managed to lead them to victory by utilizing the landscape as well as time in his strategy against the Fomors. Shakespeare, the first Milletian battled was within this war, and Lugh faced off with the Fomorian King Balor. In Mabi's Lore, It was never specified how Lugh defeated Balor in the 1v1, simply that "Lugh defeated Balor".

    Cromm Cruiach (A Dragon) ended up devouring Nuadha, and Morrighan appeared to help stop the Fomorian Forces. With the Fomorians impending defeat, the Fomorian Wizard Jabchiel attempts to drop Ladeca upon Erinn, but the druid Mores stops him.

    In the Aftermath, Lugh, the Knight of Light, suceeds the throne of the deceased King Nuadha, becoming King of Alieach.

    TLDR: There was Dragons, Fir bolgs, Spirits and Gods, plus a milletian within that battle field. Pretty sure there were Glas Ghablienns as well. The two wars of the Human.v.Fomor war were hell, and I'm certain with G22, we'll learn more to how exactly Lugh managed to defeat Balor in their dual.
    There's also the curious fact that Balor wasn't the only leader of the Fomorians at the time of that War. Cichol was present as well, and we have the Tyrannical King Breath trying to command as well in there. Who knows, maybe we'll see some Game of Thrones backstabbing and betrayal between the Fomorian leaders~

    To End this post off, here's some Dialogue from G1:
    "Ruler of Fomors, heir of Balor. Why do you hate Humans so? Why do you still fight after all the blood that has been shed during the two wars? Do you not realize that it is not only the blood of Humans that will be spilled? If another war were to erupt, Fomors will have to pay an equal price."

    "You are wrong, Morrighan. The first step to create a true paradise begins with the annihilation of Humans. The blood of the Fomor burns solely for that reason. Balor was too sympathetic, and thus he failed. But, I am different. The creation of this world will be completed when all Humans disappear. Are you not aware, Morrighan? As a deity, you must know also. The ultimate will of the almighty Gods who created us...
  • c7 and g22 SPOILERS**********************

    Soraite wrote: »
    ONTO G22!
    It was described as an entirely new mainstream storyline, but encompasses all the content from C1~C6.
    C7 Synopsis: Erinn's past and present, and the written revelation of the future. With it appears a new and questionable organization, the 'black moon order'.

    The 'Revelation' is the Apocalypse.
    The Formor's old king, Balor's ressurection!

    A new generation means new waifus and husbandos:
    *ishall be back to translate later*

    Vayn/Bane(?), The Wandering Swordsman
    Cethlenn, The Silver Haired Magician

    I'm going to end the post here for now, i'll edit later to explain the other parts of the update another time ~

    I've been hoping we see Balor since We've been getting so much Pre-G1 information over that last year's worth of updates.
    Those are two of the few Famous Fomorians in Irish Mythology that haven't appeared in Mabinogi yet. Balor was mentioned in books and Gen-1 Text referring to Pre-G1 events, specially the War where Lugh defeated Balor.

    Im gonna put this secntion under spoiler here, since its an Info Dump of who Cethlaenn is... and might actually be spoilers for the generation. Read at your own Risk.
    Cethlaenn, has not been mentioned in Mabinogi at all (who I was hopeful she would be that mysterious "Mother Ladeca" character in the Divine Knights Chapter). In Mythology, she's Balor's Wife, and foresaw Balor's demise and during the battle where her husband died, she managed to kill the Dalga (a god similar to Nuadua) but vanished into a river, believed to have drowned while escaping capture.

    Also folks, Balor and Cethlaenn are both connected to a location known as "Tory Island." The in game location, Tory Ravine, is believed to be named after that location.
    I'm so excited for this next chapter
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    Elves have the highest damage output, why do you think they need a revamp?

    They may have the Highest Damage output, but they lack the DPS.

    Where people are likely wanting the 'Revamp for Elves' is simply the speed in which Elves can damage Mobs in party-play. Chain Slash was a hopeful fix to this issue, but due to its demand of levels and stats it only benefits the End-game Elves in the DPS category- not the Casual to lower level players.

    Personally, elves themselves don't need a revamp. Its the Servers that need to be fixed up so there's much less Latency, --- Or a Revamp on Archery and remove the bloody Aim-system. Lol

    For the Rest of this Thread: Spirit Weapons need some love.
    Also the Loot Tables within Dungeons need a rework. Cus wow...