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October 25, 1968
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  • No shirt, no shoes, no service

    I'm back my 'friends'! My vacation is absolutely boring and not to mention I missed out some great events Q_Q. But now lets get back into business.
    No shirt, no shoes, no service is back in service! (hue)
    I will slowly update this thread whenever I can

    IGN: Skyforth

    Buying list:
    Astrologian Male Set: 5mil (Prefer original colour/color)
    48th Floor's ES/Burn (Need 1): 12.5mil each
    > I will provide an extra 2.5mil if you unlock!
    Platinum Hammers/Ferghus: 1.25mil each
    Treasure Hunter Field Wear (M): 200k
    Nao's Sky-blue dress: 100k
    Headphones: 5mil
    Lord Passes: 1.5mil a stack

    Selling list:
    Heroes of Goddess Doll Bag Box: 10mil
    Archer Bag Coupon: 1.5mil

    Trading list:
    - None at the moment

    Services available (Free):
    Rank 1 Enchant
    Rank 1 Magic Craft
    Rank 1 Blacksmith
    Rank 1 Carpentry
    Rank 1 Refining
    Master Catering

    - Services are ABSOLUTELY FREE for ANYONE as long as you provide the materials.

    Side note:
    - Mail any/all items that are under 2mil, otherwise note or add me.
    - (*) means fixed price, do not offer. (Prices may vary during certain events)
    - Due to lack of funds, some items I will be unable to purchase.
    - I also have a house, feel free to drop by and check. I will regularly add new items.
    - Do expect late replies due to timezone differences and university student life~
    - Also looking for girgashy materials donations~
  • Girgashiy Raid Daily

    Is there any damage/range requirements for Rank 1 bladers?