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  • post your best mabinogi meme

    Threw this one together a few months ago.
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  • NaO SeRveR PoPUlaTIon WiLL bE SimILaR tO aLeXiNA

    It's amazing reading and trying to analyze the mental gymnastics in some of these posts. First people beg for a server merge, and now that it's finally happened and the in-game community is far closer than before with the arbitrary walls brought down, people complain about it. If it were up to me, Mabi would have one main server with a bunch of channels hosted in different parts of the world, similar to how RuneScape does things. I've always hated there being four arbitrary walls that only serve to seperate the community of the same game. I logged into my old Mari character after the merge just to check things out, and ended up practically abandoning my Alexina character because I just enjoy playing in the newly merged Nao server far, far more. There's people everywhere, and the world feels like it's actually got stuff going on in it at all times. Before the merge, everything felt stagnated. You'd be hard-pressed to find a group for Girg raids and the like, even in Alexina. You'd have to wait around for certain times of the day or join one of the select few massive guilds (In Alexina's case, Asesinos and Prudentia come to mind) to do a raid or two.

    For me at least, Mabi after the merge feels like an MMO again. I'm actually meeting new people and making new connections. I know they all played on the other three servers before the merge, but that's the thing; I would never have known these people or got to enjoy the game with them if the servers didn't merge. Again, all seperate servers do is put up arbitrary walls in the community in my eyes. I remember meeting people IRL that happened to play Mabi, and talking to them about it. Then when the inevitable question, "Which server do you play on?" came up, it's always a 75% chance they aren't in the same server.

    So yeah, guess you could say I'm glad the servers are merged.
    Xaden wrote: »
    To be Honest, Alexina server, doesn't want the overpopulation that Nao has right now. things are laggy, shop channels are denied to get into. but its getting better as days as passing and more people go back to being away from the game for a bit.

    And to you. Stop speaking for Alexina if you don't even play in it. I've played in Alexina for six years, and we have people actively leaving Alexina to play in Nao. Alexina was a stagnant hellscape before the merge, and it remains even more so after. The guild of people I played with in Alexina for all those years have all migrated to Nao because it feels like the game is actually an MMO over there.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    Not quite dead yet, but still dead to me. I do sometimes check back here, but honestly the game isn't worth playing seriously anymore. I made it my goal to put together a set of Chaser armor and once I did, that was it. I stopped playing seriously, because there wasn't anything worth going for next at the time. Now, I just see a ton of items that should be obtained via gameplay being released in Trashapons. The game has this giant leech sucking on it's back trying to wring all the money it can out of it. The extreme over-reliance and frequency of gachapons is sickening. Instead of real content, we get temporary events that are either fundamentally broken, or not worth doing. Frequently both.

    It's been said before, but what the game needs is a new engine, devs that care, and to be de-Nexoned. So basically a real Mabinogi 2 instead of what they tried to pass off as Mabinogi 2 (It was basically a sequel to Vindictus) until everyone told Nexon the idea was dumb because Vindictus already exists, so they binned it.

    It hurts seeing how much time I dumped into Mabinogi only for Nexon to continue nosediving the game because they don't actually care about the wellbeing of the game and it's community.

    Yell and scream at me all you like, but I believe Nexon will never change when it comes to how they view their games. At the end of the day for them, it's just a way to line their pockets.
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    I'm not running a five floor dungeon to get 200 gold, or jerk around trying to get one of those godforsaken "For one, For two, For three" etc. passes, only to get, you guessed it, 200 gold. A lot of the dungeons ended up much shorter floor-wise, but in turn enemies were beefed up because everyone complained that the enemies were "too easy".

    When people did the dungeons back in Pre-Genesis, the level they were at are equivalent to what we have now. And a new player shouldn't expect to plow through every dungeon on their first try. They need to work on their characters like the rest of us did to become strong enough to overcome the dungeon.

    Simply turning dungeons into Clive's Candy Castle doesn't fix the problem. It spoonfeeds noobs content the rest of us had to work for, causing them to expect everything to be handed to them. Plus, it screws over mid and endgame players. They want engaging content to play, instead of an easy snorefest that requires no effort to complete. It's not fun that way.

    Remember, most people play games for fun. Making dungeons completeable by an arthritic turtle isn't the way to go. It just bores everyone.

    TL;DR cAsUls ShUlD sTiCk To AlBy NoRmAl
  • Where do I buy or get a Electic Guitar?

    Gachas off the cash shop is where they usually come from. I don't recommend getting one though, the sound clips used for them are pretty bad and just end up getting you blacklisted by other people due to most MML Scrolls kicking and screaming when played on a guitar without modification.

    If your heart is set on them though, you can get them off other players. Price depends on your server.