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  • Flat Erinn

    Flat like always, of course! Just becareful if a Meteor advanced spell goes wrong.


    You might go like the Dinosaurs of Erinn.
  • General Respect/Handling Grief

    If you show proof of consistent harassment, and continually reporting them to Nexon, eventually it will lead to a permanent ban, especially since the other party has likely told them to stop, however, if both attack one another, it doesn't matter, you're both at fault.

    My advice, just keep reporting them. If they really desire to torture someone that much, Nexon will be glad to do justice. As for the intervention part .. If you can stand up for them in a civil way, do it. If you can't, you might just have to watch. There isn't a lot to do, especially with a strict ToS.
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    Kokoro wrote: »
    SugarAngel wrote: »
    Ataraxiz wrote: »
    Once again, Chainslash, they'll be incredibly adept with it, along with humans, and not with giants.

    Technically giants will be the best at chainslash every half a day due to the 15% bonus from the Might of Ladeca thing but elves will be the best for the other half.

    If we want to be more technical, Giants will only be the best Chain Slash users if they use Divine Link and have a lv. 200 DEX heavy pet. So.. Elves will still be the best unless you want to dedicate to minmaxing a 700-dexterity divine link pet.

    Opalthira wrote: »
    People already did the math a long time ago basically giants do very little extra damage compared to elves.
    But only if they min max stats and are ttl 40k with every skill unlocked pretty much.

    Exactly this, plus we also have to consider they'd have to hinder themselves by going Puppetry or Chainslash talent for maximum growth and effectiveness of the class.. The highest growth of dexterity they can get anyway per level is half a level, puppetry bumping it to .75 and archery(if they can lock into it for the stats) and chainslash to 1.0 per level I'm pretty sure while elves can get 1 ~ 1.25 per level. Like I said, we're min-maxing if we're going to be saying giants are going to be the best ...

    Plus like I mentioned earlier, they'd be gimping themselves.

    (They'd need about 400~500 dexterity from divine link @ lv. 200, and 500~700(between) if they aren't a chain slash talent, which also costs PON(I'm unaware if this changed!)to go into by the rebirth... So why complain?
  • Advancement Test Tips and Tricks


    Try and get into positions where you'll be hitting large numbers of monsters, otherwise, reposition correctly and try not to use other skills - By the time you get to ratmen you should have 9k or 10k points.
  • Is there an Elf Overhaul coming?

    TNinja wrote: »
    As an elf, you'll be exceeding other races in both archeyr and magic.

    Except for magic, as any race can do literally anything you can do, but at a slightly higher MP cost. For two skills.

    And arguably archery too, since the human's Dex difference isn't that great, and they can wield heavy armor with less penalty. Also Arrow Revolver.

    Hey, you get to look good in clothes.

    I believe the words you were looking for on magic were 'Slightly Lower' MP cost, which is still significant enough because you'll be able to save what little gold you spend on potions, if people even use them anymore. But you also have to consider they have to spend more AP for magic, but such is the off-set for the lower AP cost for melee skills(Smash, Defense, Counter, Windmill, Combat Mastery). However, one could argue the growth for elves being younger is more valuable, especially at the lower ages since they can get a single mana point at .5 intelligence per level at Age 10(.75 mana + int at age 14), while humans don't get the benefit of that until Age 14, which is .25(albeit, it increases to .5 at age 15, and then .75 at age 17 for humans), as for giants, they don't get the obligation at all. They are forced at .25 intelligence at Age 16, and only get an increase at age 19 .. Of course, this is if we're min-maxing. But I'll go ahead and bring up since it can be used against me : Humans can get a SINGLE intelligence point per level... At age 21. But that won't matter now, won't it? Considering you'd have to do a lot of extra-waiting.
    Elves also get more intelligence to start with, and to match, more from talents(albeit small, but giving them an "advantage" in magic).

    As for the archery, it isn't arguably, elves are just better in every way. We can just drop Magnum Shot, Final Shot, Vision of Ladeca .. Plus they get that small amount of dexterity to push them forward to become better in the long run, even with a gimped ranged attack. Arrow Revolver isn't as amazing as it sounds - While it can handle multi aggro(rather poorly), it doesn't have the utility, and human archers don't even use it much. It all burns down to Crash Shot and Magnum Shot for the AoE and single target clear. Which, elves also have a lower cooldown in .. Until when a human reaches rank 5. Also, if we're going to talk about the age-growth system, humans fall off dexterity growth at age 17 completely; and have much lower ratios at age 10 and 14~16. While elves have a good ratio from ages 10~14 and keep the not .25 ratio of growth until Age 18, which is plenty of time for them to get that advantage.
    Plus elves get more dexterity from the archer talent; I want to bring that up as it also helps them further the dexterity gap.

    As for fashion, everyone can do it. Giants can look great, humans can look great, elves can look great... As can every race look the opposite. ;)
    (Elves get the best race-exclusive clothing design however.)

    But I'm going to flat out say, Magic Missle needs a rework. It needs to be similar to fullswing. Magic Missle has a 600% ratio at Rank 1 on a 20 second cooldown, meanwhile Full Swing has a 900% ratio and can be used with Windguard out of transformation now. That needs to be changed so elves can have a better chance at dealing more raw DPS outside of Magnum Shot when they use Magnum Shot. ;) All that needs to happen is the cooldown to go from 20 seconds to 5.

    That's all however. I know most won't read my stuff, but that just proves you don't care to argue.