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  • Signed Items: Thoughts?

    These days specific signed items are incredibly valuable, as the signature is a requirement for leveling up Erg. As an example, a Colossal Valiance Armor sells for 2-3m, but if it's signed, it sells for 8-10m, even if the stats aren't great.

    To find out which signed items are in high demand, and worth big money, check the Erg materials for each weapon type, around Erg level 35-45.
  • Cotton Candy Sheep Event! 5/14/20-6/4/20

    I wonder if there's anyone who would choose a normal-sized sheep when presented with both tiny and giant options.

    I also wonder what kind of abilities the sheep have, and whether all sizes have the same stats/abilities.
  • Cotton Candy Sheep Event! 5/14/20-6/4/20

    Okay. I've been kind of repressing this anger for the last several events.

    But -WHY- is the trend of previous day's event items being removed being forced on us. I do not want to dedicate a fourth of my day,every day to sitting on mabinogi.

    If you haven't noticed yet, Nexon's goal with events is to have as many players online as possible, for as long as possible. That's why there are so any afk events. They're basically padding their player count by encouraging everyone to stay logged in even while not playing. It makes the game appear more lively and active, and attractive to new players.

    And while I'd really appreciate more engaging events, I fully understand their reasoning. I don't want servers to appear empty, and I want the game to be appealing to new players.

  • Buff Metallurgy

    There is already a very powerful reforge for Metallurgy which gives more fragments per gather. However, it would be nice to see something like a "Metallurgy Gem Size" reforge.

    On a similar note, we NEED 'repeat crafting' or batch crafting for Metal Conversion (and other dry-oven skills). It's useless as long as you have to convert one ore at a time. Also, a "Metal Conversion Gem Size" reforge to match the proposed metallurgy one. ^_^
    Something like, put 20 ore fragments in, play minigame once, and it produces 10 ore fragments with a chance to get 1 gem.
  • Worth Coming Back?

    First of all, it's a completely different game now. Your account and character should still exist, but you should forget everything you remember about the game, and act like you've found a new game you've never played before. That's certainly what it'll feel like.

    Is it still fun? Yes. There's countless things to do. More than you could imagine. Content keeps piling on top of content, in all areas (crafting, fighting, exploring, social, etc.). Most of it doesn't have an order to it, you don't have finish one thing to get to the next. You can jump into anything you want right away. There are 24 generations now, most have their own long storyline. Crafting is profitable and out-performs gacha gear. Rebirths are free every 6 days to keep you busy. Overall, it's an amazing game.

    Now, I could also write a list of problems it has longer than a CVS receipt, but in the end, it's still the best Fantasy MMO I've ever encountered.