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  • Real Money Trading Enforcement Update

    As much as I'd like to see Mabi rid of gold farmers, I also worry about what may happen if a gold farmer spends a large amount of gold on one of the items I have for sale in-game. Could the transfer of gold be mistaken for RMT? Will the gold get taken away from me without the item being returned? How will I know who not to sell items to if any of them could secretly be gold farmers?
  • Starting Fresh need some help.

    1) If you're going to spend NX, one of the most useful things you can buy would be VIP service (or Premium Service). As another option, you can purchase the Essential Erinn Pack, listed in shop under "Pets" -> "Pet Packages". It comes with VIP service and a few powerful pets. You can obtain the same pets for free in the game, but having extras wouldn't hurt. Other than this, there's nothing very useful for a new player to spend NX on. Most of the pets in the shop aren't very useful, and almost all of the powerful pets are obtainable in game, or from events.

    2) Humans can use a crossbow just fine. Human is recommended for beginners because they're well-balanced, and can use almost any weapon. Elves can become better at archery once you get later in the game, but there's many things they aren't good at, and many weapons they can't use. You can't change race once a character is made, but you can have more than one character if you want to play different races.

    3) Arrow Revolver's nice, and makes archery easier because of the fast loading and aiming. Final Shot is completely useless. Pretend it doesn't exist. (Elves' main skill for archery is called Vision of Ladeca, and it's what makes them a bit better than humans, along with they're faster cooldowns.)

    4) Elves will have much better archery damage, as they fire two arrows at once and their skill cooldowns for some archery skills are much lower. Humans aim faster though, making it more likely to hit targets. Elves have very low strength and defense early game. They die easily, don't have as many armor options, and have low melee damage. If you intend to use sword and shield at all, human will be a much better option early-game. Elves can become about as good as a human with sword+shield late game, but humans can use two swords instead, and are far far more powerful. I highly recommend starting as a human.

    5) Almost all life skill materials sell well, even ones that are easy to get. A common recommendation for making gold right after starting is to complete Church part-time jobs every 36 minutes to earn Holy Water. People buy it often and it sells for a decent price for a beginner. If you advance life skills further, you can gather and sell other materials for much higher profits. However, one of the best methods for making money will always be events. Most events either give you rewards you can sell, or require people to gather items, which they buy. Event Prizes usually earn plenty of gold, especially if you wait until the event is over to sell them.
  • Buying List!!

    I've got a Manus Brand Disinfectant I can sell ya. I'll guarantee to beat lowest AH price.
    I also have a Hellhound Skull for sale, but I can't guarantee a price because AH has been flooded lately, with event giving out Math Adv passes like candy.

    It'll be a few hours before I'm able to log in, but feel free to Add or Note "Koishi".
  • Mabinogi Best in Slot Guide

    This is a really helpful reference, although parts of it do give off hints of the "damage is all that matters" attitude that I dislike.

    "Trader" enchant only grants damage during commerce, so it probably shouldn't be listed as a good option.
  • Winter 2020 Master Plan

    I've noticed that, despite what the event notice says, the weekend bonuses don't begin until 7am on Saturday. It's possible that the weekly bonuses are the same way. I'd check again after the server comes up and see if they apply then. I can say there's no reason for total level to have any affect, since characters under total 1k get daily rebirths even without an event.