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  • The Capulet Guild is Recruiting!!!

    To any players considering joining capulet, I would like to wholeheartedly encourage you to do so. Shakaya is one of the most enjoyable players and steadfast leaders I have ever known. She has been a stauch supporter of my own guild, as well as many others, and has been as kind as can be to any I've seen her encounter. Capulet is an amazing guild and the lot of them that I've met have been brilliant and fun.
  • The Return of The Knights of Tir

    Est. 2014 on the Tarlach Server, the Knights of Tir began as a community focused guild. During the height of activity, the Knights facilitated many community based activities such as charity drives, new player training & the rebuilding of Tarlach's housing channel after a player intiated destruction(with proud Alliances with wonderful guilds such as Capulet and Fidelis).

    After more than two years of a recruitment freeze, we would like to begin recruiting players of all races, talents & backgrounds, beginning this Saturday, June 22nd, 2019.

    If you would like to apply to become a Knight, or if you have need of any assistance we may provide, please visit our Guild site at
    or Message Kiriaya(+tarlach) or Meavepagan at your earliest convenience.

    Make friends.
    Make memories.
    Make a difference.
    Join the Knights of Tir.
    [Image Removed] Please do not post inappropriate images, thank you.

    Knight Command Leader
    The Knights of Tir

    Note: The Knights of Tir are ever at the service of all & will NEVER charge in any way for any services rendered. We provide any and all assistance possible regardless of application status or Guild or player affiliation. Please visit our website or Note any Knight to request help.

    Follow us on twitter for news, events, info and more.
  • *Gasp* New Forums!

    I love it!
    But all of our old posts are gone!
    :) / :(
    Mixed emotions.