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  • The Statue of the Goddess Bag

    Alshian wrote: »
    Negumiko wrote: »
    Alshian wrote: »
    Statue of goddess bag....sounds like your going to have to carry a statue on your back, with extra weight of items inside xD

    -You feel the weight of the situation getting heavy on you-

    milletians are basically gods now with demi god and nascent divinity out there. a goddess statue should be as light as a feather for milletians that have played through g10 or further.

    Funny, because of G22 a little rolling ball made short work on us in a cutscene and a character named Vayne aka Balor just walked through it like nothing. Questioning if we are really the Hero Milletian.

    And as far as I had seen, we are not Gods, maybe a demi but not Gods. Something like Nascent only just contribute to our Demi God hood, another step to being a said God but likely not even close.

    Although not dying a normal way does not really make us Gods either, it just means we "are too angry to die" and just keep coming back to finish the job, a simple way to defeat us is to seal us away would be enough which Goddess Morrighan tried to do and Cichol trying to banish us from the land of Erinn.

    We are only called as Gods from the eyes of mortals because we hold more power than them as well as not dying the normal way for them but far to being a real god or even A god in general.

    Think of us like Doomguy from D00M, we are just a bunch of badasses. He is not a god, he is just too good at his "work".

    actually the word nascent means "just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential." so we're an actual deity, just a baby one. we still have yet to age and fully explore our potential - plus the fact we're a deity belonging to another world rather than this one makes it harder. (If we were in the other world I imagine we would be able to maintain our form no problem and seem like an actual god - basically calm morrighan and angry morrighan.)

    Plus Balor is something like a demon lord or archfiend. the gods have been challenged by all sorts of creatures before, such as the Dragons. Beings like the Fairy King and Fairy Queen also hold tremendous power that could rival a gods as well, so it could be that Balor is basically on a similar tier. the fact we're so close on our own makes him practically salivate at the chance of being able to finally fight someone 'on his level.' fair and square - someone who could give him the ending to his story that he actually wanted, instead of the wimpy one he was given at the hands of Lugh. Meme relevant.

  • Can Milletians Get Pregnant?

    I’d say no mainly due to the issue of overpopulation (since milletians don’t ‘die’ we’d overpopulate within a year.) plus the fluidity of gender (god knows what would happen to a child when your body becomes fluid during gender swap, plus men don’t have the proper equipment to bear children) on top of this, such children wouldn’t be real ‘milletians’ anymore as the name means ‘from the stars.’ Well, if they’re born on Erinn they aren’t from the stars now, are they?

    Lastly is the ‘adoption’ model the family system uses, not ‘declaration.’ In the end it just makes more sense for milletians to be sterile than to be able to reproduce since, trust me, milletians would likely reproduce like rabbits. Milletians likely have the urge, but nothing will likely come of it.

    As for the elf and giant thing i think its physiology. (Woe be to the human/elf girl that bears a giant child.) I doubt giant women would even notice they’re pregnant until the due date on the flipside though.
  • questions about G23

    Based off what is being said, Tani is either a god or a Blaanid like entity.

    I'd say more of an unlucky duck due to the fact she was seen talking to us on multiple occasions and the black moon thought she was a close milletian friend or something. Really she's just the lottery winner for the worst prize in the world. (No wonder she logged off for so long.)
  • The Title Screen

    Greta wrote: »
    I'm so triggered that Nexon literally forgot that NPC's shouldn't remember us or they decided to ignore that fact and go along with their new stories where NPC's now happen to somehow know and remember who we are and what we even did.

    I always chalked it up to how The Milletian is becoming more proficient with interacting and manipulating the soul stream. (being able to create a bag of holding from the soul stream itself, apparently 'rebirthing' other people as milletians ala Sera/Laighleanne and William - and for comedy prince Tuan was a 'first try' that ended up with strange results, on top of that a number of other minor details.) Another example is how Shakespeare was able to basically steal peoples souls into his writing and then use the body left behind, and he's a number of years older than the milletian. it's somewhat similar - albeit in reverse - of the creation process used for Laighleanne and Will. (injecting souls into a newly made body, rather than ejecting from the current body)

    Plus as a story writer it would be a bit hard to write a cohesive story if literally everyone you meet constantly forgets you - you basically have no actual reputation of your own and people would likely scoff at you if you claim who you say you are. People can be stubborn about their own opinions and continue to doubt you even with hard, irrefutable evidence. (one need only look at issues surrounding the real world to see that.) basically think if lea and han solo forgot about luke every time they looked away from him and then asked him what the in the world is someone from tatooine doing in the rebel base carrying a lightsaber.
  • Merlin, Please.

    I'm just waiting for TH to find out the artifact he stole was cursed by Aton Cimeni or 'his sword' for his thievery and that now not only does he have terrible luck or something but he can't get rid of the darn thing until he brings it back.

    But I like to dream...