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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!
  • Please consider removing limits

    After reading the producer letter, I do have one more thing to add to my forum post. I think the below is a bad statistic to make a decision like this on:

    "When looking at the play patterns of North American Milletians playing Tech Duinn missions, the dev team found that most Milletians who were playing the Elite missions were clearing them fewer than 10 times per week, and around 80% of Milletians were clearing them fewer than 5 times a week."

    What the majority of the players, the minnows, do doesn't matter. The whales are the players you need to make happy. Yes, this is casino language, but a free2play game, where the majority of the profits you get and funds to maintain the servers comes from gachapons, you've already set up this game to run like a casino.

    Those of us casually enjoying the game for free are less important. The people that like to throw all their "fun" money budget into gachapons, trying to pull a creepy/haunted or spooky/eerie or getting the best new gacha armor, are the players that should be considered when looking at anything related to Tech Duinn.

    They are the reason the rest of us are able to enjoy this game for free. Tech Duinn is content the giga whales run when they hit their weekly cap limits for all the other end game content. If they don't have something to run after buying gacha to be meta, then you'll lose a good chunk of your funding, because they won't continue to buy gacha for a game that has no consistent gameplay for them.

    Sure, the fashionogi whales will still be here. But you're losing your meta whales, and you should be trying to keep all your whales as happy as possible.

    I don't personally like to make financial decisions like this, but I appreciate having a free to play MMORPG, and I'd like the people funding this server to be happy. The stats of how much casuals run Tech doesn't matter here. The few guilds that focus on grinding as much content as possible do.
  • Enhancing Tech Duinn Dungeon

    I think adding a pity system would make this tolerable like the way Crom Bás and Glenn Bearna are set up, but it still doesn't solve the problem of us having no spammable end-game content anymore. Once we've finished our weekly clears of Glenn, Crom, Theta, and Tech, what else would there be to do?

    Sure the new homestead update coming gives a lot of grindy life skill content for us soon, but for the players that are only interested in doing combat content and nothing else, what do they do that isn't so easy it's boring once they finish their weekly clears?
  • Please consider removing limits

    I'd appreciate it if Nexon KR would consider taking away all limits for the NA server. I know Korea has rules about how long people are allowed to play video games, and that's the only reason why I'd see run limits being added as a positive gameplay feature, but we don't have government rules like that.

    Especially considering our server is so much smaller, it'd benefit us a lot more to let those of us that like grinding long hours to be able to do so for any content as much as we want. That includes Tech Duinn, Crom Bás, Glenn Bearna, Uladh Dungeons, and Avalon Purifications. That way we could actually have materials being sold on the market for reasonable prices.

    I'd appreciate it if they would consider our server size and the way our community likes to spend their time, rather than just porting over the same update that Mabi KR gets. I really appreciate the increased drop rates, but with people being unable to run tech more than 15 times a week, only 1 person in the party being able to get a nice prize, and our small server population compared to KR's population, it's going to make trying to play combat content and making good weapons not worth the effort anymore. The materials will be way too expensive, and your chances of finding the drop yourself will be really hard with the limits.
  • Will we get a Winter event this year?

    Even a re-run of Christmas Math or Snowflower Tree would be nice if there's nothing new coming out! I love that the town square decorations are up, but would love a Winter themed event too! (and better late than never! Jan is still a good time for one!)

    I know we had Part Time Job for the Holidays, but that felt more like it went alongside the part time job update, and of course we got Glenn Bearna this year and that's amazing! But like, there's no winter themed event that all levels can do on the week of Christmas, outside of the Master Plan, but again that's part time job themed, it's not Winter themed.

    Anywho! I love seasonal events, I hope in future years we can have them properly again! And I'd love to see Doki Doki Island return this February for Valentine's Day! (Also very much looking forwards to the return of GM Wedding Hall that was mentioned in a previous CM stream!) I love this game and everything that y'all do for us! (and the Arcana update is AMAZING!) But I do always need to speak up when I see holidays that Mabi previously always celebrated getting neglected.
  • Halloween/Samhain Decorations in Town Squares

    Why are there no Halloween decorations in the town squares anymore? We used to get lil' pumpkins and ghosties and festive banners in every town. Now y'all only bring out those old decorations for xmas only and it's really depressing.