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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!
  • Seal Stone Idea...

    Everyone who logs in at any point today should get "the Server Breaker" title, which will give +1 piercing. Then those that wanted to break the seals just to see their names there have that as usual, and everyone gets a piercing title!
  • A question for Human character players

    Giant allied for the piggy back rides! :D
  • Together in Erinn

    I'm glad another merge is happening! I'm happy to make more new friends again!

    And I hope Nexon can come up with a fair name solution for everyone, even if it's patched in later. I really wouldn't mind if my pets got +Nao tags on them. I kept the +Tarlach tag on the pets that got it. People's mains should be taking first priority.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say welcome to Alexinans that get to come join us now! I'm excited to meet you in-game! :D
  • [Recruiting] Capulet Guild

    Capulet's guild recruitment is officially open again!

    There is a small update to our requirements to join, since we've had the Blaanid revamp now, they are:

    - Finish the first 3 Blaanid Memoir Books
    - Finish Gen 19
    - Have at least one Blossoming Memories weapon (obtainable after doing the first 3 blaanid books and having one master talent in any of the combat talents)

    We're not super elite giga pro, but we do focus on the combat content of Mabi more than anything else, and we're looking for new friends to run the newer content with! Thankfully the Blaanid revamp has made it really easy to catch up to mid-game, the new Blossoming Memories weapons are almost as good as the Celtic weapons, so we're hoping to find a bunch of new friends that are ready to get started on the journey to end-game!

    You don't have to be super good at the end-game stuff to join, we just want everyone in our guild to at least have the Girgashiy raids unlocked so you aren't left out of guild runs! We're happy to teach you how to run all the new stuff, we just want our new members to meet the above requirements because we don't run a lot of the early-game stuff anymore, and we want everyone to have fun together!
  • Umbrella Races Sign-Ups

    Bringing GM events back is super nice, but it's really sad that only 10 people on the whole server get to actually race. Hopefully you'll be able to host bigger events in the future!