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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!
  • [Recruiting] Capulet Guild


    What started out as a small adventuring guild, grew into a large social guild, then died as Tarlach's population dwindled. Now, it's time to rebirth, and we'd like to get back to our roots. A humble guild, exploring new content together, while playing a couple side-games as well. This is Capulet.

    We're a close-knit community that mostly functions through Discord. Joining our Discord server is mandatory to join our guild, but you don't have to use a mic or join voice calls at all if you're uncomfortable with that. But our guild rules, announcements, events, etc. is all organized on Discord, so we need ya to at least be in the server.

    We play a couple different games together. Our main squeeze, our #1, our soulmate, our forever home, is Mabinogi. However, we also have a branch of our guild on Vindictus, and we host our own Minecraft server as well (though it is hosted on a microcomputer so it can be a lil' buggy sometimes, but we're working on it!)

    On Mabi, our goal is to grow large enough to have successful guild raids (focusing on crusader raids mostly). You don't need to be really good at raiding to join, but we'd like to request that you have g19 finished (or be actively working on the gen quickly) before you apply. This isn't the only thing we do together on Mabi, if you have anything you need help grinding we're happy to help, but crusaders are what we do most often.


    For Vindi, we approach this game very casually. We're happy to run things with lower levels and newer players, however we also want to get to doing end-game raids soon too. A few of us recently got to level 100, and most of us are either returning oldies or brand new to the game. We schedule guild runs on Vindi about twice a week, but if you need help with quests or grinding just ask on our Discord anytime and you'll be able to find someone to log on and join you!


    On Minecraft, our server is vanilla survival, with very minimal mods. We're focused on just exploring the content of the game together, and for some of us it's our first time doing a proper play-through of this game. We'd like to build a castle together eventually, and we haven't explored The End yet, so if you join soon you'll be there for some of those fun first experiences!

    If you'd like to join the guild, please add Shakaya as a friend (IGN is the same on both Mabi and Vindi). I'll talk with you in-game and invite you to some guild runs for you to mingle with everyone first before you officially join. If all of us seem to get along well then your application will be accepted!

    The most important thing to our guild is friendship. Be kind, hang out, have fun, follow the guild rules, and let the adventure begin.

  • Mabinogi genuinely effects my mental health.

    A lot of the things I used to enjoy on Mabi I can't anymore because the rewards are no longer worth the effort. So, instead I started to focus on newer content and it's been making the game more enjoyable again.

    My guild and I used to spend a lot of time spamming alby advanced hard mode with an 8 person party. The dungeon revamp made speed runs of that impossible now unless it's 4 super elite giga pros going in there. The amount of time spent in there is no longer worth the reward, because they increased the effort needed, and difficulty of the dungeon but they didn't increase the drop rates of any of the celtic mats. So it's no longer worth it to try and grind those to sell mats (also the weps from techs are better and lowered the market value of celtic weps). So, this is no longer a go-to for guild runs.

    However, girg raids and tech missions are very worthwhile. If you get a max roll on weapons made from girgashiy mats it can rival the divine weps. And weps from the tech missions are the new end game (and the drop rates of those mats aren't as insane as phantasm drops). Focusing on this newer content makes the game fun, rewarding, and actually worth my time. Also, increasing crusader level and techniques is rewarding in and of itself, even if you don't get good drops from your run.

    So, my biggest issue of losing interest in Mabi was when I was staying at mid-game and neglecting my advancement. Once I trained enough to not be a squishy mess in newer content, Mabi was fun again. So if you really want to regain interest in Mabi, I would suggest getting caught up on the generations and ranking the talents for the stat boosts, so that you can participate in all the new content. The Winter and Summer Master Plan events are a great time to get caught up on leveling your skills.

    If you hate all the new content and just really miss old school Mabi, then I don't know what to tell you. This is just what worked for me. As for the community concerns, find a guild or group of friends that you enjoy spending time with. Stay out of the market channel if you want to be away from toxic people.
  • Kaban's Item Bag and Kyururu's Item Bag

    Gaby5011 wrote: »
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Like, just a normal bag?
    Weird, I was guessing they would be Doll Bags, considering they're named after the crossover's characters.

    But hey, at 2x2 size and 8x8 inside, they're pretty decent bags.

    I guess they might look similar to how the Fate ones do, with a little character on the side?
    Best guess anyway

    Same with the Vocaloid ones.

    What we really need are more bags that take up only a 1x1 square in the inventory.

    Mabinogi Tetris gets really frustrating when the items you're arranging are item bags.

    I think we have enough 1x1 bags


    We need one that's from an event and not a gacha. And one that you can actually get in an event prize shop directly, not from a random prize box list. I would love some 1x1 bags but I'm not paying the insane auction house prices to get them.
  • Public Serval Announcement

    I originally didn't get excited about this crossover, but I was curious about the anime and checked it out, and I think it's really cute. I don't really care for dressing my pixels up like a furry, but the pets, mini-gems, chairs, and bags are nice imo. And the horribly animated gesture cards make me chuckle.

    This anime's animation style is so bad that it's good imo :D

    Also since a lot of people seem to not care about this crossover, the gacha items that caught my attention are fairly cheap on the auction house. It's nice to finally be able to afford stuff I like, 'cuz I don't like spending over 20 mill for anything.
  • They Made a Car.....

    The scooter was at least vintage and close enough to steam-punk to make sense to run on the kind of magic-alchemy hybrid that powers guns. The food truck looks more like a food stall with wheels that uses magic to fly. But a modern car just is the point where it breaks immersion. I also don't like those chairs from the Recovery of an MMO Junkie event where you're sitting at a computer desk.

    I would have preferred they at least release cars in the style they were when they were first invented. Steam-punk and vintage can blend into a fantasy world well imo, but modern stuff does not.