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May 25, 1993
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I am Shakaya, leader of the Capulet Guild! I'm also a New User Ambassador! Feel free to ask me for help anytime!
  • So...about wedding rings.

    I sent in a ticket asking if they plan to do compensation for reforged wedding rings, and if you screen shotted your ring before the merge with its reforge stats, then they'll put that same reforge rank and stats back onto your new ring! So no worries about that~ :D

    The wedding date thing sucks, but it's just a video game. I met my IRL fiance on mabi and I'm sad to see the wedding date get erased but oh well. The relationship is worth more than a date. owo;

    This is a really old game with outdated code so I'm not surprised that there would be some issues like this. I'm really happy at how well Nexon is doing with compensations for merge related losses~ <3
  • This is TNNN: Breaking News!

    Imagine if Ferghus became our new community manager
  • Tarlach Fair Kickoff Event! Connus Arena Tourny!!

    Please do not use profanity on the forums.


    140K NX PRIZE POOL (Reward distribution and brackets TBA. Applicants who note honu in-game by the 30th will be given the opportunity to vote )

    The judge will decide the damage % of each duelist

    Settings Recommendations:
    Turn "Minimize Nearby Characters" on and slide it to 60.
    Toggle off all settings in "Effects" menu.
    Toggle off "Show/Hide Names" (check the hotkey settings for this)
    Go offline/toggle off "notify when people login" to avoid any accidental interruptions during battles.

    Judges reserve the right to call applesauce during a duel and the ability to force a rematch
    No Spam (2+)
    You may not run or glitch out of the ring.
    Any stalling will be given a warning.
    You must have equipment view on before starting the battle.

    These skills are not allowed:
    -Chain skills of any kind
    -Elf Giant and human Ladeca skills
    -Palalan Embrace
    -Crusader Skills
    -Frozen Blast
    -Urgent Shot
    -Music Buffs of any kind
    -Transformations of any kind
    -Shadow Bind
    -Mana Shield
    -Puppet's Snare
    -Full Swing
    -Act 6: Crisis
    -Act 9: Invigoratin Encore
    -Spider Shot
    -Items that have skills are not allowed (Yui, Saber command seal, ect)
    -Any personas

    These items are not allowed:
    -Any weapon with ERG over level 25
    -Creepy ES
    -Haunted ES
    -Spooky ES
    -Eerie ES
    -Poison Potions or Venom Sword
    -Bone Chips, Weapon Power Pots, Casting speed pots, Attack delay pots, ect.
    You may use Mana and Stamina potions. Nothing else.
    Skill rules:
    -Bash may be used twice in a row at most per combo.
    -Final Hit may be used to teleport ONCE. If the teleported attack is interrupted, you may not use it again to "recover".
    -Final Shot may teleport ONCE and shoot ONE ranged attack that HITS.
    -Egos may be used.
    -Way Of The Gun may be used. ONE Auto Attack (Click) may be used. You may use any other gun skill until the dura
    -Windgaurd may be used once for temporary advance heavy stander during knockback recovery (Use windgaurd the oldschool way)

    If you have any questions please note honu in-game, as he does not use the forums! <3