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    Sherri wrote: »
    It seems that only gacha items get you gold nowadays. Items I relied on (HW, red upgrade stones, ancient magic powder) to get gold have gone from being semi decent earnings to just pocket change of Nao Economy.
    I end up spending it all on repairs anyway.. this half-off repair fee is supporting me a lot though.

    Everyone keeps saying these things, but there are dozens and dozens of ways to make large amounts of gold without gacha or NX. It's true the items you listed are no longer profitable. You need to find other things to sell if you want a decent profit.

    Now, keep in mind that if there's more money in the economy, items sell at a higher price, and *everyone makes more money. This effectively lowers repair costs and the costs of all NPC items. *Everyone benefits.

    On a separate note, I'd like to revisit the original post of this thread, and point out that the prize machine is draining far more gold than it's giving out. 100k per player per day, even if it's just a small chunk of players, will very quickly surpass the values of those checks.

    *People who sell things. Don't sell anything? Stop whining.
  • NaO SeRveR PoPUlaTIon WiLL bE SimILaR tO aLeXiNA

    Looks like some more reliable data is coming soon. This new balloon event is ideal for measuring actual activity on each server. Talking to the NPC Lenny between 7pm-11pm will even provide data for specific hours. Let's see how each server does. ^_^
  • Ego update! (G24 Korea)

    3rdy wrote: »
    inb4 500x reapir fee for end game ego :P

    Hope the option to use Spirit Liquer still exists. I'd love to stick some of those x5 and x10 repair fee enchants on it and just bypass the repair cost.
  • Did you all manage to get your desired names?

    I just want to remind everyone, because it's easy to forget, that the name you're attempting to claim as your own belongs to up to two other people, each of which is just as deserving of that name as you are. If one of your dopplegangers manages to keep their name, it doesn't mean they stole it from you. The fact that your name got a server tag means that you'd likely be racing at least one other person, possibly two, to get that name.

    In short, please don't harass the one who won that race in-game, or call them a thief. They were merely protecting their own name, same as you.
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  • Name change was a LIE

    They clearly mentioned that you'd be unable to apply for a name change if you're applying to join a guild.

    Just pick a new name, a better name. I'm sure after a decade you've got something else you want to be called. It's not a big deal.

    Also, I really wanna point out that when you say "MY name's gone", you don't seem to realize that it's also other people's name. I'm sure it was just as important to them as it was to you, and only one of up to three people can keep it.