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  • Darrig event drop rates.

    If there were no rare prizes at all, and it was just hammers, I'd still be pleased. Love those hammers.

    Made dozens of max-speed drills and blasted wands, and I'm repairing them at 90%, which is almost free.
  • whats in the Revenant/Perseus weapon boxes

    Not so much a theory as information spread from foreign servers...

    The G23 Part 2 update is said to add 2 new control bars, knuckles, cylinders, and guard cylinders which have powerful effects.
    'Selection Box' sounds like it gives the opener their choice of weapon from the indicated tier.

    I'm not sure whether Revenant or Perseus is a higher tier, but judging by the quantities handed out by the event, I'd guess that Perseus is the better one.
  • Why Tani is the best

    First thing I noticed when Tani was introduced during G23 was that her name is an anagram of "Milletian".
  • Block listing used skillbooks on the AH

    I think this is part of the scammers' goal: Look at the lowest priced book in the image above. If prices of a book are holding at around 2m, and a scammer sticks a used book on AH for 1.6m, then someone else selling that book will see the 'Lowest' price shown, without knowing whether it's real or fake, and price their book cheaper in order to have it sell. As you can see, there's a cheaper book than the fake one, at 1.59m. As a hypothetical, a scammer could have just tricked someone into selling for 400k cheaper than they needed to, which the scammer can buy and resell for the full price.
  • [COMPLETED] Unscheduled Maintenance - July 3rd

    It certainly made mining Hillwen easier though, for brief unpredictable periods.
    Still good to see it being fixed though.