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  • Things have changed!

    I see a lot of people are talking about the under level 1,000 benefits. As someone currently doing all the Expert Talent titles before level 1,000 I'll post my strategies and findings here. Currently I'm level 769 with Expert on 13 Talents with 8k+ AP.

    Firstly, rebirth into a Hero Talent. Currently there's an event going on that every two weeks you can rebirth into a free hero talent (this week is Merlin). This is important because each Hero Talent has 3 Talents you benefit from just from 1 Rebirth.

    Secondly, yes getting to level 200 will offer you a stackable 2x Skill Bonus + a 1/2 Training Requirement Completion, however this will dangerously push you to that 1,000 total level. The Talents you want to use these in are Cooking (because it bypasses the need to do Kitchen Dungeon for R1 Cooking), Ninja (probably the slowest to talent to train), Medicine (to bypass certain Herb requirements) and Chain Slash (also rather slow to train). Ninja and Chain Slash are a bit more bearable because of all the 2x Talent Potions circulating in Auction House because of the current event and gacha, so I wouldn't bother with doing this except for Cooking as it's a pretty important skill. Fun fact, if you're a Hero Talent all three talents benefit from this!

    Lastly, some talents are very CP heavy and these are awful to train when you reach higher levels. I would get these talents out of the way first. Magic, Close Combat, Knight, Battle Alchemy, Archery, Puppetry. Getting -cp reducing gear (I prefer to use Marble armor because when you reset your skills your cp would be pretty low anyways and it's not as Overkill as Raccoon Cub).

    To make this post even more unnecessarily ludicrous, here's a list of skills I did to achieve Expert on my current Talents and whether or not I did them with their Talent active or not.

    Adventure (Talent not required): r3 Campfire and r9 Rest (you don't need r9 rest but I wanted the neat rest animation).
    Archery (Talent not required): r1 Ranged Attack, r1 Bow Mastery, r1 Magnum Shot, r1 Critical Hit (I used dual guns to train this one), rE Crash Shot.
    Battle Alchemy (Vate Talent): r1 Water Cannon, r1 Air Blast, r1 Sand Burst, r1 Flame Burst, and r1 Frost Blast
    Carpentry (Talent not required): r1 Production Mastery (this will appear in so many talents), r8 Carpentry
    Close Combat (Vate or Culinary Talent): r1 Final Hit, r1 Smash, r1 Combat Mastery (Lots of good skills in this Talent so you'll be here a while).
    Cooking (Talent HIGHLY prefered with level 200 bonus): r1 Production Mastery, r1 Cooking (get r1 Tasting too to make Cooking crazy easy).

    Holy Arts (Merlin Talent): Get a (Bear, Fox, Rabbit, Squirrel, Tiger) Ragdoll , a healing wand, and do Saga 7. Hit Barrier spikes from the second shadow mission and get r1 Healing and Party Healing by healing the dolls you summoned. Make sure to trap the enemies behind the Barrier spikes before actually training.

    Lance Combat (Talent recommended): r1 Lance Mastery, r7 Lance Charge. (This one is not fun).
    Magic (Merlin Talent): r1 Fireball, Ice Spear, and Thunder (Have fun getting these pages)

    Martial Arts (Talent preferred but not needed): r9 Knuckle Mastery, r1 Sommersault Kick, r3 Focused Fist, r2 Pummel, r5 Chain Mastery. Go to Cor Village, Form a party, Set Finish Option to "Any", Beat up Kiwis with all your combos. You can rank the other skills too but I assure you they won't rank as fast as these 5.

    Medicine (Merlin or Culinary Talent lvl 200 highly preferred): r1 Production Mastery, r8 Herbalism (Find someone with a homestead full of Sunlight, Mana, Blood, and Golden Herbs). White Herbs are from Polar Wasps, Mandrakes are from using L-rod exploration in Ant Hell.

    Mercantile (Talent not required): r2 Gold Strike. Set up a party, Set Finish Options to "Any", Kill stuff, Finish target with a 1 charge Gold Strike.

    Music (Talent not required): r1 Playing Music (remember those barrier spikes in Saga 7, go to them and turn auto attack on and beat them up and then finish each rank by turning auto play on and going afk), r3 Lullaby, Enduring Melody, Battlefield Overture, Vivace (You will get these four at relatively the same time). Set up your hotkeys like this: 1- Lullaby, 2-Enduring Melody, 3-Battlefield Overture, 4-Vivace. C means Cancel the Skill, so now do 1-C-2-C-1-C-3-C-1-C-4-C-Repeat until r3. If you have a Spirit Tuan pet to give you the exp bonus that would be awesome.

    Transmutation (Vate Talent): r1 Rain Casting, r1 Mana Crystalization (Do this one after get r1 in those magic skills we talked about).

    Still working on the other Talents but this is essentially what I found efficient.

  • Things have changed!

    Ardaithe wrote: »
    Thanks! I noticed the last time I logged on that they had a whole list of benefits for new players, and while I am grateful I kinda wish I had that when I was younger. I'm going to milk those advantages for all they are worth until lvl 1000!

    Best of luck! By the way, the best way to take advantage of being under level 1,000 is to work on each Talent until you get the Expert Talent Title for that Talent. You get free AP for reaching Novice, Naive, Advance, and Expert. You can also reset your skills rank by talking to Duncan. Doing so would put your skill to Rank F, but every training for the skill will be done up to the rank it used to be. You would just have to put the AP back if want to go back to the skill's rank.