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언제 해주실거에요 프리미엄 서비스 리뉴얼 흑흑


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  • More Balanced Elves?

    You mean nerf elf

    (Just pointing at those elves who rely on magnum spam only)
  • What do you think of community of your server?

    I appriciate answers and yes i've thought that my name might give out wrong idea, but i do not believe im able to change it anymore. Idea of name comes from my own made character i have drawn before and made story out of. Not due ego. And also yes, i don't often speak out loud, sometimes i use whisper instead. As i stated, im usually not one to talk out first but i'll gladly talk back if i meet nice person to chat with. I appriciate the comments so far. Also reply to Ellisya, i only realized there was people standing and doing nothing after somepoint when dragon glitched off from the invisible wall.

    Yea that is the point. Only one person lure a dragon to the spot where it does not move too much (because of terrain). Once work is done, ppl will start attack.
  • What do you think of community of your server?

    Usually you lure White Dragon then hunt for easy kill without getting bothered by Slayers/Wyverns. If I were you like first time, I would carefully ask first or watch what they are doing.

    Anyways if this is true, I'm quite disappointed at WD elites :p
    Surely there are some reason why I don't want to get involved with dragon elite hunters.
  • Nexon. Do something about seizure dyes

    The 'Uncomfortablists'. Is this new meta?

    But really, if anything is needed, try to post on Suggestion section.
  • Merge NA/KR/JP/CN/TW together. Did I miss any?

    When Nexon America isn't even doing server merge, I don't think this will get anywhere...

    Plus, too much different contents that foreign servers don't have, including ourselves compare to KR server.
    It's like more impossible than a meteor strikes on Earth within next 30 years. But I see your point. It would be quite fun if multiple servers were mixed or something like cross server dungeon. It sure would be nice but.... you know.. :^)