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  • Alexina Should be merged with Nao as well.


    I usually don't post on the forums but the recent announcement has brought me to voice my opinions.

    I've been a long-time Mabinogi player; I started playing in middle school and now I'm in college. I've played on numerous servers, even before Alexina even existed. My home base is currently Alexina, and I definitely agree that a server merge is necessary for the lesser populated servers. I'm glad that it's finally happening, and I want to see Mabinogi thrive as I love this game. However, I'm disappointed that Alexina is not included in this merge.

    I understand that the argument for Alexina not being included is that the new server would have a size similar to Alexina. While I think that's fine, its ignoring the fact that the server composition would not be the same. Alexina has had one big community since the day it was created, but this new server is essentially taking three separate communities and merging them into one.

    The fact that this includes inactive accounts as well makes this a lot different than the community Alexina has. (I'm sure players will return when the server merge news spreads). Sure, the new server might be the same in numbers from the get go, but the community that will be there is not going to be the same. I can see people wanting to leave Alexina to be with friends from other servers, or just simply to be where the active community is. I was excited for the server merge but then disappointed that I would be left out from the community that will consist of players from other servers.

    For Alexina residents, opportunities are lost to meet and interact with different players. We instead are restricted to our group we've always known, while others get a new experience. The only way to have that experience is to create a new character, and I do not wish to lose all the progress I've made on Alexina.

    I feel like this will make many players in Alexina, especially long-time players, feel very left out.

    If Alexina cannot be server merged, I would at least like there to be option to move to the new Nao server. Therefore, those who are unhappy with staying in Alexina can move and not lose their progress, while others who might like the separate community could stay. Again this would be less than ideal, but this option would at least be satisfactory for those who feel left out.

    I'm worried about the future of the Alexina server because of this server merge, and the players who wish to be apart of the new community.

    This is something I'm really adamant about and has encouraged me to let my voice be heard, so I hope that this can at least be considered.

    Thank you for reading!

  • Holiday Story Contest

    IGN: Ariastar
    Server: Alexina
    Title: The Gift of Friendship

    Dunbarton Town Square was just like normal; bustling with townsfolk of various walks of life. Musical notes filled the air as the various milletians picked up their instruments and played with holiday cheer. ] However, there stood a crestfallen elven lass. She was dressed in small black jacket, and a snowflake patterned shirt with a matching skirt. Her rust-colored hair was assembled in pigtails as her pointy ears protruded from her head. Her eyes were emerald enhanced by her glasses, and chocolate skin enveloped her body.

    "The holidays huh...?" The words left her with a slight sigh. Unfortunately this lady was dealing with the pains of loneliness.

    "Here miss, have a candy cane!" A young passerby approached the sulking girl.

    She casually raised her gaze.

    "T-thank you." She replied and graciously took the gift.

    The random boy skipped away and vanished in the crowd. The girl however was displeased. After eating the candy she decided to leave town. The loneliness she felt had washed away the joy from the gift.

    As she stepped past the gates she felt a chill on her body. Was someone watching?

    She was approached by a small blonde-haired girl dressed in Santa-like outfit. Her skin was pale and looked cold to the touch, while her red eyes seemed to twinkle.

    "Nice to meet ya! My name is Edna! They call me the gho-" She stopped suddenly. "Well, let's just say I'm here to help you! And you are?"

    "I'm Aria....but nevermind that. I should get going." She quickly made an effort to leave.

    "Hold it!" Edna blocked her path. "Why do you look so glum?"

    "It's not much of a holiday when you're alone." Aria said with a sigh.

    "Listen Aria, you're never truly alone!" Edna grabbed her by the arm and rushed towards the square.

    "What are yo-"

    "Just relax, I'm a professional!" Edna winked.

    They finally stopped a few feet away from the young boy. Depressingly, he sat alone underneath a street lamp.

    "Thomas Reian, age twelve." Edna spoke in a serious tone. "Orphaned and rendered homeless later on. Still, he tries his best to be kind to others." Her gaze shifted towards Aria.

    Aria felt the guilt hit her. She remembered the boy and she had barely appreciated his gift. In fact, she had been worried about herself the whole time.

    "There's always someone out there like you, in one way or another. This is all I can do for you, what happens now is up to you." Edna then vanished into thin air.

    Aria knew what to do. She got up and went over to the boy. Even if she couldn't help herself, she could do something for him.

    She smiled "Thank you for the candy earlier, would you like join me for Christmas dinner?"

    The boy looked up and tears welled in his eyes.

    "Can I really...?" He managed to speak.

    "Of course! After're never alone." Aria gave him a genuine smile.