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  • Older character doll bags/gems

    I know it's not a suggestion that would actually make the game more exciting or anything. But I'm a little sad that these little character gem things and doll bags weren't a thing yet back when the Saga: Iria came out. The Ruairi, Tarlach and Mari doll bags are already a thing so making them into gems should be easy? What about little Akule, Shamala Millia, Maike or Dowra? A little surprised that there's not already Ace characters out like Merlin or Starlet.

    Bringing back old and outdated chapter characters probably won't actually be a thing. But what about that "popularity contest" that we all have to vote on? Nothing actually comes out of it except "yay look at who you all like the most!" Maybe the top 3 winners of that would get their own gems?

  • Older players are being unappreciated

    I've technically been playing for 6 years now but I took a good 2 year I guess I'm only a 4 year player but I like the changes they made. I quit because I suck and I was stuck, and when I came back with the new AP skill changes, I was able to get over that hurdle and continue the storylines I loved.

    I'm half and half on the items being re-released. On one hand, when I first started, the Gamyu armor robes were 3m and were just a cute dream, but then they released a fishing event and they dropped down to 500g. While I feel like that's necessary to keep the "value" of items from going out of control, it IS a shame to see all the outfits that I paid for when they were first released like the Vampire Hunter outfits decline in value instead of going up. There's not really an item investment anymore.

    I guess it's just the same argument going on right now in politics with the possibility of freeing student debt and all the people going "that's not fair, I PAID mine off so other people should have to suffer like I did"
  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    Not to gear towards off topic, but does anyone play Overwatch? Because maybe Mabinogi doesn't need to get away with the lootboxes completely, but just change their mechanics.

    I stopped buying them in Mabi because I was tired of opening box after box and getting nothing but repeat dyes and "worthless" outfits. But back to OW, when this law was first presented, they changed the winning percentage in their loot boxes that reduced the chances of duplicates so that it counted less as "gambling." So that instead of a player opening 5 boxes and getting the same 5 skins they've already won, they'll get something different each time.

    Mabinogi is drastically different in gameplay and with the gatcha options, so of course it won't work exactly the same. The chance of duplicate dyes and items will probably always be there just because of how many more different options there are when it comes to items/outfits/dyes and probably no way to check them all before a gatcha opens. But maybe giving the rare outfits a 25% chance instead of a 5% chance or having less filler items in the boxes could help keep hope alive in getting our money worth.

    And the rest of it seems like politics and morals that are out of our hands.
  • Good Morning Nao

    Good morning! I was doing great and about to play some Mabinogi but for some strange reason I've got the urge to log on Overwatch instead.

  • Royal alch

    Greta wrote: »
    Nishiki wrote: »
    200 people are about to be pissed off?

    They wanted to merge didn't they?
    They have to pay the price now.

    Was there some kind of vote for this merge that I missed or something? You keep making negative comments on like every single post and keep saying "They" and I have no idea if you're blaming the Nexon team or the entirety of Mari/Tarlach/Ruairi servers? Is it because you're on Alexina? Is there something we can do to help you?