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  • Mabinogi Direct Launch Ending March 16th

    IF this happens im going to quit, im already about to that point but this will push me over the line. I hate the launcher, all the ads for other games, I only play mabi and I do not wish to preload 10 other game banners ect. The whole thing sucks, it causes issues, its slow. im all for "new" if it works well but the launcher does not, its just ads on top of ads, issues on top of issues and a better way for nexon to track accounts im assuming. I don't use steam so thats not an option for me either. On my main account I have bought premium every month for the past 6 yrs plus gacha and pets here and there. I have also purchased premium and nx for family members but if this happens I will quit, the launcher is so not worth the trouble. I dont see how things can go "smoother in the future" with a crappy launcher that has never ran smoothly and I dont see why we can't use the exe as well. I do not want a "unified central location" trying to shove other nexon games down my throat, I only play mabi and only want access to mabi. Running patches in the background while i play is bad too, i can imagine trying to fight a boss when suddenly a patch updates and i can't move, its a nightmare. So keep your launcher but i for one will be looking for a new game to spend my cash on if the exe access is removed.
  • Star piece event

    Autograph wrote: »
    Shugshug wrote: »
    Well I guess I'll buy if possible if not I won't participate in this event. I hate sms, I hate spamming, and I don't like having to party up for events. Suks for me lol
    Can I ask what you actually do on this game, then? I'm honestly curious.

    Sure you may. xD I train skills, (not in sms) I do events, I buy sell trade,i do quests, including Gquests, i do festia, i do renown i have friends i hang out with SOMETIMES I just dont expect everyone wants to do what i do all the time. I am selective with friends i believe in quality not quanity. I play the game, i just dont believe you need to take 6 people with you everywhere you go and i dont think people should be forced to party up in order to do an event.
    May I ask what you do on the game? sms, and raids?
  • Star piece event

    Well I guess I'll buy if possible if not I won't participate in this event. I hate sms, I hate spamming, and I don't like having to party up for events. Suks for me lol
  • If Shakespear Bought Gacha xD

    Yeah haha, this is about us, not so wise people. xD Next time I'll be in the wise category too. Glad you played it smart tho :D This is the first time I have ever spent that much on gacha and it will be my last. Normally, I buy 1 single gacha ,rarely, going back to that now. xD
  • How do you even enjoy mabi anymore?

    I personally enjoy doing things solo, I wish more things could be done alone. I hate spam and I hate rushing, sadly the whole mindset when you do a dungeon or sm in party is RUSH RUSH RUSH and if you don't keep up you get left behind. I like taking my time and enjoying the company of others but almost all people enjoy rushing thru, simply so they can be the "first to finish" So I pretty much solo and if I can't I miss out on it, because its not worth the stress of rushing. Plus dungeons make me have motion sickness if I rush, or when changing the camera angles too quickly. I also enjoy being a merchant, buying and selling things. I do hate grinding, I wish they would make training pots for all skills and affordable or have quests to train skills, not just grinding. I do have a few friends I enjoy chatting with but I never do runs with them because of the rush. I also hate it when we are forced to party with others to do an event, or anything. I'm socially awkward and an introvert as well, so for me I enjoy playing mabi pretty much solo I buy, sell, work on skills a little here and there, work on Gquests, help new people sometimes, there is always something to do on mabi, thats why I play it. Maybe eventually I'll find people who don't like rushing thru things like me. =D