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There is nothing to learn from beings with little intellect. Perhaps I can find information elsewhere.
  • Festia Anniversary Screenshot Contest [Submission]

    This spot will remind me always of the gm I met here. I made an outfit in honor of them in return for the help they've provided.


  • Balloon Pony Carrot Event

    Meave wrote: »
    does any one know how many slots it has for storage?

    For all we know their inventory could be... Inflated.

  • Disable Auto Barding

    Totono wrote: »
    Playing instrument is the easiest skill ever to level, so why do people need to be subject to AFK bards spamming default mabi songs in the middle of every population center all day, every day. Don't see why we gotta either blacklist everyone, or turn our own instrument volume down to cater to laziness. Blacklisting doesn't even solve the problem, if I blacklist someone it doesn't mean I can do my own barding with friends because then everyone else around has to hear layered barding and that sounds even worse than the defaults alone. It's gotten bad since musicq, and imo places like dunbarton aren't even worth going to because there's an afk bard in every corner or the square.

    I propose you disable repeated barding outside of homesteads, where they should be doing this to begin with.

    I hope you're aware of the fact that Pure music mode exists for a reason. If you wish to have people in a party and play music with them i'd advise you to actually make use of that function that was implemented for that reason. Complaining about having to turn people down or blacklisting them because thats "too much effort" for you is honestly pathetic when there is at-least a way to disable it for everyone you wish to play music with.

    Also to further elaborate on my point above.. There are people who do play blank scores, yes eventually they run out but the fact that they've considered taking the time to make blank scores for auto playing means they aren't lazy or inconsiderate.