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ok i'm going to work on art things now im sorry for not having motivation for a year LOL


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September 14, 1997
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Your eyes are like spheres of glue filled with shimmering worms.
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I use Clip Studio Paint for art, am pretty bad at Mabinogi, and I have the worst sleep schedule possible.
  • Dani's Digital Art Commissions!($5)

    DANNYdani wrote: »
    A tiny update: I'm looking up more tutorials on how to use FireAlpaca so that I can make better products for anyone interested.

    If you'd like to experiment with more brush types, I can give you a link to my google drive that has paint tool sai. I don't use it anymore, but it worked pretty well when I did, I do remember liking it a lot more than firealpaca though, it felt a lot smoother, and the UI felt less cluttered.
    I also have a version of photoshop CS6, it works, just not on my computer (very slow laptop, it's good for computers that have more power than mine.) If you decide to use this, I recommend the kyle webster brush pack. And if you decide to use SAI I recommend scouring deviantart and tumblr for brushes that suit what you're wanting to do, one of the zip files has brushes from a youtuber formally known as Okay, but they've since changed their username.

    Lovely artwork by the way, I wish I had the power to shove my cash through the screen for you!