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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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  • [KR] (Update) Pet Feng Dang Update

    Mabi6 wrote: »
    I'm curious about the 2 new looking people, are they new partners or just event npcs?

    Probably new item/outfit teases.
  • [JP] Notice of “2019 Christmas” event

    *Google Translated
    Thank you very much for your patronage of “Mabinogi”.

    Starting today, “2019 Christmas” event will be held.

    [Execution period]
    From December 4, 2019 (Wednesday) to December 25, 2019 (Wednesday) before maintenance

    Our trousers are worried about being sought after wearing red clothes" And it seems.
    Let's go and see her in Dumbarton Square.

    Maybe there is a good thing about good Millesian that helped those in need ...?

    [Event progress method]
    1. Choose an event participating character!
    If you log in during the event period, you will receive the quest “[Guide] The request of a girl in red”.
    Talk to the NPC “Sainty dressed up in red clothes” and select an event participating character.

    * Notes
     • Only one character per Mabinogi ID can participate in the event.
     -Characters and pets who have not completed the tutorial cannot participate.
     -Once selected, the event participating character cannot be changed.

    2. Go through the “How to avoid owls” quest!
     When you select an event participating character, you will
     receive the quest “How to Avoid Owls”.
     Talk to the NPC “Sainty dressed in red clothes” once more  , and solve the
     contents of the letter attached to the owl's feet
    , one per week in real time.

     【Available period】
     -Listen to Philia's request: December 4, 2019 (Wednesday) after maintenance-
     -Listen to request from Philia 2: December 11, 2019 (Wednesday) 7 am
     --From Valles listen to the resort: 2019 December 18, (water) 7 am to

    "How to avoid the owl" quest reward
    experience value 50,000
    mystery of the snowman robe

    Hearing Philia's request: “[Event] Elf Girl's Little Request” Quest Progress
    Available period: December 4th, 2019 (Wednesday) After maintenance-

    Hearing the request of NPC "Iarata with weak body" in Philia, the
    first weekly quest "[Event] A small request of an elf girl" Let's proceed.

    The contents
    day quest "[events] melted not looking for a mass of snow," the completion of 7 times

    Listen to Philia's request 2: “[Event] is a mud provocation” quest progress
    Progression period: December 11, 2019 (Wednesday) 7

    am-Asking the request of NPC "Iarata with weak body" in Philia, the
    second weekly quest "[Event] is mud provocation" will proceed Let's do it.

    One day quest: Completed 7 [Events] Follow the Mud's Whereabouts

    Listening to a request from Valles: "[Event] Listening to a request from a giant boy" quest progress
    Available period: December 18, 2019 (Wednesday) 7

    am-Hear the request of the NPC “Zedar” in Valles and proceed with the
    third weekly quest “[Event] Listen to the request of the Giant Boy” Let's do it.

    One Day Quest: Completed 7 [[Event] Searching for Lost Parcels]

    Each Week Quest Reward
     Experience Value 30,000
     Gift Box for Good Millesian 5 Hands of Old
     Snowman Branch 2

    Each Day Quest reward
     exploration experience value 10,000
     Gold 5,000
     Proof of
     Good Millesian 1 Gift Box for Good Millesian 1

    * Notes
     ・ Each quest for each day will be sent in progress at the time of login.
     -After completing each day quest, if you continue the connection for 1 hour in real time,
      you can receive another day quest again.
     ・ Each quest can proceed up to 3 times a day in real time.
     ・ Each day quest is initialized daily at 7am.
     ・ After completing the weekly quest
      , you can continue the quest for the current week until the next weekly quest progress period .
      If you complete the previous week quest during the 2nd and 3rd week quests, you
      will receive the next week quest after 7am the next day.

    ・ Present box for good Millesian

    * Notes
     ・ The following items cannot be traded.
      Christmas Wreath, Christmas Tree, Christmas Rudolph,
      Snowfield Wind Second Title Coupon,
      Guardian Soulstone (Event), AP Potion, Luxury Crafts Tool (Event)
     ・ The following items are traded and other via banks and pets Cannot be delivered to the character.
      Christmas Wreath, Christmas Tree, Christmas Rudolph,
      Snowfield Wind Second Title Acquisition Coupon, AP Potion
     ・ The following items have a period of use.
      Fine work tools (event): 30 days

    3. Use a good proof of Millesian!
    You can talk to the NPC “Sainty dressed up in red clothes
    ” and exchange various items for a “proof of good Millesian”.

    <Proof of good Millesian required for exchange>
     5 sheets: 5 Rudolph Solimobile
     5: 5 Christmas deer rocking
     : 5 Rudolph plush and sled chairs : 5 snowmen mini dolls
     : 5 craftsman reconstruction kits
     : Santa Bear
     5 whistle :
     2 gold pig whistle :
     1 hand of an old snowman tree branch
     : 1 gift box for a good millennium : 1 body change potion 9
     1 sheet: body change potion 18
     1 sheet: height Change potion

    * Notes
     ・ The following items cannot be traded.
      An old snowman tree branches of the hand, craftsman remodeling restoration kit,
      integrated change Potion 9, integrated change potion 18, height change potion
      gift box for a good Mireshian, whistle Santakuma, gold whistle pig
     is, the following items Transactions and delivery to other characters via banks and pets are not possible.
      A gift box for a good Millesian, a Santa bear whistle, a gold pig whistle
      Old snowman tree branch hand: 60 days
      artisan remodeling restoration kit, figure change potion 9, figure change potion 18, height change potion: 30 days

    [New Item] -How to get
    old snowman tree branches
      : Each week you complete a quest,
      and you can earn 15,000 exploration experience points by selling it to an exchange NPC store with a "Good Millesian Proof" .

    -How to
      get a mysterious snowman robe : "How to avoid an owl
      " You can transform by using "Costume Action 2" that you learn when you complete the quest .

      How to get a Snowman Mini Doll : Exchange with a “Good Millesian Proof”, Obtain from “Present Box for Good Millesian”

      How to get a Rudolph Solimobile (farm installation) : Exchange with a “Good Millesian Proof” Acquired from "Present Box for Good Millesian"-How to get a

    studio set Christmas wood stove (chair item)
       : Obtained from "Present Box for Good Millesian"-Christmas

    deer rocking chair, plush Rudolph plush and sled chair (chair item)
       How to obtain: Exchange with "proof of good Millesian"

    [Notes] The
    following quests and items will be deleted at the end of the "2019 Christmas" event.
     [Guide] The request of a girl in red-
     [Event] How to avoid an owl-
     [Event] A small request of an elf girl-
     [Event] Looking for a melting snow mass
     - [events] provocation of petty thief
     - [events] chasing the whereabouts of petty thief
     - [events] listen to ask of Giant boy
     - [events] looking for a parcel that disappeared
     - good Mireshian testimony

    thank you in the future to "Mabinogi" I will do it.

    Mabinogi team

  • New Idle Pose Card-The "Special" Series+Animations

    Essentially it would work like the Stance Cards, except with variations of Idle Poses connected to the Special versions of previously released outfits.
    *Note: Due to the nature of the "Special" pose, the animation cannot be activated on a "Special" item, or an item with an Idle Pose.
    **Additional Note: May come in Male/Female variant, rather than Racial variant.

    For instance:
    -Imperial Commander Pose Card
    -Deputy Commander Pose Card
    -Water Spirit Pose Card
    -(Not Yet Released, Not Yet Officially Translated) Constellation Guardian Pose Card
    -(any Collaboration Retexted) Pose Card
    -Afternoon Tea Pose Card
    -Battle Maid Pose Card (Female Only)
    -Battle Butler Pose Card (Male Only)
    -Adorable Frill Pose Card (Male Only/Female Only)
    -Steampunk Inventor Pose Card (Male Only)
    -Steampunk Inventress Pose Card (Female Only)

    So, in short, a Battle Maid Outfit with an Afternoon Tea Pose Card would give the outfit that drinking tea pose.
    A Special Battle Maid Outfit would not allow activation of the Afternoon Tea Pose Card, and would retain the default idle pose.
    (Unless, of course, Nexon KR can code Idle Pose Cards to override animations on any outfit, be it Special or not.)
  • [KR] (Update) Pet Feng Dang Update

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Pet Essential Oils?
    Pihne Sync Perfume Set?


    Yet another update for us to "prepare" for.
  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Greta wrote: »
    Wow this is very nice. Now i'm worried about my small Homestead space. I wish i could buy those 3 expansion coupons...

    I already used all three, and my homestead needs help. It's still too full for all that. XD