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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    Thanks for the assist!

    KR video shared on discord:
    (English Subtitles in the options.)

  • [KR] (Update) My Little Pet


    Update Page
    Official Guide
    News Page
    *Google Translated
    The Romantic Farm Pet Exploration Bulletin Board allows you to build an explorer with your pet and perform a variety of missions.
    You can combine expeditions according to your pet's pet type.
    Collect pets with different pet types to conduct expedition research and earn rewards.

    [Guide] Waku Waku pet expedition! When you complete the quest, you can get a 'Romantic Farm Pet Exploration Board' item in the exclusive inventory.
    -'Romantic farm pet expedition bulletin board' can only install one in the romantic farm.
    -Inventory size is 2x2, install size is 1x3. The color is fixed at installation.

    If you have a romantic farm level 4 and you are not a beginner character, you can install the 'Romantic Farm Pet Exploration Board'.
    -If you lose an item, you can install it by spending the required materials (5 spikes, 10 wooden boards).

    Pet mission through the installed pet expedition board. In other words, you can check the survey list.


    It is paid according to the cumulative level of the character, and divided into general survey, today's survey, and special survey.

    1. General Survey: 4 payments per day, basic rewards vary depending on time of execution.

    2. Today's Survey: Blue Mark / General Survey One randomly designated survey of the day. / Hughes Lucky Bonus chance is guaranteed 15%.

    3. Special Investigations: Red Marks / Probability that may not appear on the survey list. / Compensation is better because it takes longer than general survey.

    Up to five surveys per day, including special surveys, will be issued and a new survey list will be issued at 7:00 am in real time.
    -The same survey list as the ongoing survey can be paid.
    -Once started or completed, surveys will not renew until 7:00 AM the next day.

    Each character in the Mabinogi ID may have a different list of surveys that Pet Explorers can perform.
    If you have more than 12 investigations in progress, you cannot send an expedition.

    Your chance of success is determined by the number of pets you have selected, your pet type, and your stats.
    You can select up to three pets per survey.

    Pets under investigation / rest have behavioral restrictions until they complete investigation / rest.
    -Can't be summoned, can't be accessed, can't be reborn, and can't be deleted

    Right-click to lock a specific pet in the pet list.
    -Locked pets are shaded dark and are not included on the bench with the auto-organization feature. Pets are placed in empty slots in the order of the pet list according to the pet type required by the currently selected survey.

    -Buff icon now displays if the pet in the expedition slot has the type required by the survey.

    -Debuff icon now displays if a pet in an expedition slot has an investigative penalty type. The type of pet you need depends on the nature of each survey. One pet can have up to four types and can also be found in the pet info window. Creature Status: Creature / Inanimate Flight Availability: Flight / Ground Size: Small / Medium / Large Appearance: Carpet / Spider / Car / Scooter / Cat / Dog / Horse / Cow / Seal / Fairy Bird / Sheep / Broom / Monkey / Fox / Deer / Dragon / Bear / Mimic / Ghost Elephant / Balloon / Snake / Penguin / Crab / Cloud / Alpaca / Rat / Pig Explorer -If you cancel an ongoing survey, fatigue will not accumulate. Pets with Fatigue 3 or higher can't conduct Expedition surveys. -When reincarnation of pets, resting in a romantic farm pet house, fatigue is reset to 0 starting at noon on Saturday. Fatigue resets to 0 after Saturday midday while the investigation is in progress. -Fatigue Pets moved to Sales Medal will now reset to 0.

    You can check the status of the ongoing investigation through the pet expedition board.
    [Cancel Investigation]

    If you cancel an investigation in progress, you will not receive any reward, and the expedition will return.
    -The canceled survey list will disappear from the list and you will not be able to resend the expedition to that survey.
    [Investigation Complete] The Romantic Farm icon flashes when the pet expedition is completed and a system chat message is displayed.
    You can earn basic rewards and additional rewards by completing each investigation that Pet Explorers perform.
    1. Basic Rewards
    -This is a list of rewards that can be obtained when the survey is completed.
    -Get character experience, character exploration experience, pet experience, and gold coins.
    -The exploration experience paid as a reward is not affected by bonuses such as items and skills of characters.
    2. Additional Rewards

    | Note |
    1. Character server transfer is possible even during pet exploration / break.
    -The exploration / rest status of pets set by the character who moved the server is canceled.
    2. Pet server transfer is possible even during pet exploration / rest.
    -During the exploration, if the resting pet is transferred to the server, the exploring and resting pet information is deleted from the character.
    -Surveys that started before the server transfer can be completed even after the server transfer, but if all three animals are transferred, the survey is canceled.
    3. Character and pet name changes do not affect pet exploration / relaxation.
    -The list of rewards that can be obtained when the Hughes Lucky Bonus.
    -Additional rewards will be based on the nature of each survey.

    What is a pet house? This is a romantic farm fixture where you can rest your pet for a while and get rewards.
    [Pet House Tour] You can check the pet house can be installed in the romantic farm, you can install only one by type .
    (Example) Pet Houses of the same type cannot be installed together, such as Cloud Cushion Level 1 and Cloud Cushion Level 2 .
    Different types of pet houses can be installed together, such as Tier 1 Cloud Cushion and Tier 2 Cat Tower.


    The installed pet house can be upgraded in stages.
    -When upgrading, the pet house in the previous stage disappears, leaving only the upgraded installations.
    -If you remove the upgraded pet house, you will need to install it again from step 1.
    The material is not returned when the pet house is removed after installation.
    Pet House cannot be removed or upgraded while the pet is resting.
    * Pet House Information
    The installation / rest time is real time, even when you log out.
    You can paint your pet house just as you would a traditional romantic farm installation.
    * Relaxation system
    You can rest your pet by clicking on the resting place of the pet house.
    Only pets that can rest in the installed pet house will be listed.
    Rest areas are marked with effects, and you can only rest your pet at that location.
    The break progress is displayed at the bottom of the pet, and you can click on the resting pet to check the break progress or stop / complete the break.
    When the pet is resting in the pet house, the Break Break button changes to a Break Complete button.
    If you click the [Release Complete] button, you can get a Break Completion Reward and the effect will be lost.
    * Resting effects
    Pet houses receive different effects (buffs) for each seat they are resting while resting.
    Resting effects are retained even after a break and you can rest.
    In the same form as a romantic farm miniature, only the highest of the same stat effects is applied.
    The romantic farm miniature effect and the pet house break effect overlap. (Romantic Farm Miniature + Romantic Farm Extra Miniature + Pet House Relaxation Effect)11141200.png

  • Battle Wear Box

    *Sees Battle Maid Set* *Looks at anime collaboration Feedback thread*

    Okay, I guess that should satisfy some part of Overlord cosplay.
  • [KR] Quiz Event

    News Page
    Event Guide
    For the first and second weeks
    1. Royal castle reading table (8 man) - 30 coins, tradeable
    2. Protective red upgrade stone - 24 coins, only tradeable through bank
    3. Rebirth potion - 18 coins, untradeable
    4. Notorious magic powder - 12 coins, only tradeable through bank
    5. 3 Nao's soul stones - 9 coins, only tradeable through bank
    6. Special reward box (for 1st and 2nd weeks quizzes) - 4 coins, untradeable
    7. Special skill training potion box - 1 coin, untradeable
    For the 3rd and 4th weeks
    1. Homestead Arzhela's reading table - 30 coins, tradeable
    2. Protective blue upgrade stone - 24 coins, only tradeable through bank
    3. Rebirth potion - 18 coins, untradeable
    4. Skill training seal (30) - 12 coins, untradeable
    5. 3 Nao's soul stones - 9 coins, only tradeable through bank
    6. Special reward box (for the 3rd and 4th weeks quizzes) - 4 coins, untradeable
    7. Special potion supply box - 1 coin, untradeable
  • Halloween Weekend Hotdays

    asnscorpio wrote: »
    I know one of the factors is that if you do not have any space and it goes to the temporary inventory. The coupon does have a timer and it does drop. This happened to me on the past events that gave out coupons. I always made sure to logg off for the day instead of afking just in case. >.< I missed out on the first one, but I have the 2nd and 3rd coupon. Best of luck. I have not sent a support ticket for my first one, but I'm sure they have more important matters to attend to.

    Yeah, I'm kinda hoping it wasn't a timer that I missed.
    Also hoping that Hot Day event grants will be a lot more forgiving in the future, and nip the temporary inventory timer in the bud.
    If anything, a UI with a Hot Day countdown and "Claim" button would be more convenient to implement.
    And the addition of "You do not have the inventory room to claim this item." would be a nice notification to add in as well.